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40 Years, 28 Attorneys

Let’s face it, every lawyer everywhere has gone to law school, passed the Bar exam and joined national, state and local legal organizations. And many law firms, including ours, have earned honors and awards from prestigious professional and community organizations.

All of this counts when you are selecting the lawyers who can best represent you and your family. But our attorneys at Searcy Denney are so much more.

When you meet the members of our team, you may be surprised at the range of personal experience and motivation that drives their passion for justice.

  • A founding partner whose childhood loss of a little brother inspires his compassion for families who have lost a child;
  • A shareholder whose love of paragliding and mountain climbing mirrors her passionate representation of clients in the courtroom;
  • A bilingual lawyer whose “coming to America” story bonds him with the Hispanic community;
  • An aggressive litigator who compares his courage in the courtroom to jumping out of planes as a U.S. Army paratrooper.

We Stand Up for Those Who Have Been Injured

For more than 40 years, our injury lawyers have represented thousands of clients who have sought justice on behalf of themselves or their loved ones.

Whether you have been injured in a car crash with a drunk driver, suffered from a bad drug or dangerous medical device, or lost your livelihood because of a fraudulent business transaction or deceitful employer, we fight vigorously on your behalf. If we cannot resolve your case out of court, our trial attorneys are not afraid to try it in the courtroom.

  • Inside and outside the courtroom, in legislative chambers and in the political arena, we stand up and speak out for the rights of innocent people who have been harmed by the abuse, deceit, or negligence of others.
  • Our commitment to our community – your community – is reflected in the faces of families who are helped by the many charitable and civic causes we support.
  • We do not believe that dollars are the only measure of success – although, by this measure, we have achieved more than $4.2 billion in verdicts and settlements. We attribute our national reputation as powerful client advocates to the thousands of victims for whom we have helped reclaim the right to happy, successful lives.

We Understand that Practicing Law is About You, Not Us

  • Little things make a difference. Once you have told us the facts of your case, we begin to investigate and gather evidence. We leave no stone unturned. In many instances, our clients have prevailed because of evidence that less meticulous investigation might have overlooked.
  • Communication is a two-way street. We listen carefully to what you have to say, and no question is dismissed as trivial. Our injury attorneys make themselves available whenever necessary. We keep you informed and respect your judgment in making decisions. In return, we trust you to give us all of the information relevant to your case and to ask questions as they arise.
  • It takes a team to get the best result. Most cases have more than one attorney assigned, in addition to a trained investigator. If we go to trial, we may add to your team nationally-recognized experts in medicine, law enforcement, engineering, business, economics, and the like. We can build the team you need to deliver your message – the message of justice – to opposing attorneys, the judge, and the jurors. But the most important member of our team is you!

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