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Videos to Help You Understand Florida Law 

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Has Affected Personal Injury Law Firms

Karen Terry’s closing that set up $8.5 M med mal false advertising verdict

Women’s Vote 2020 – Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, PA

Searcy Denney Urges You to Vote 2020

Juan Diaz Avila: Florida injury attorney

Searcy Denney Stands Against Injustice, Hatred, and Racism

Searcy Denny Supports Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Lindsay Reinhart: Florida Product Liability Attorney

Florida Product Liability Attorney Discusses the Deceptive Marketing Used by Tobacco Companies

How to Help The Community: Searcy Denney Gives Back

Searcy Denney Protects Your Rights When Injured

Distracted Driving Accident Representation by Searcy Denney

Searcy Denney Partners with The Lord’s Place to Help the Homeless

Searcy Denney Partners With Forgotten Soldiers to Help the Armed Forces

Yasmeen A. Lewis: Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

What to Know Before Signing a Pre-Injury Release

Florida Car Seat Safety Tips

How to Survive a Submerged Car: Florida Accident Lawyer Explains

Hispanic Heritage Month: Latin Quarter WPB Event 2019

Florida Defective Medical Device Attorney Explains FDA Process for Medical Devices

Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Recall Covered by Florida Product Liability Attorney

Travel & Road Safety Tips Explained by Florida Accident Lawyer

Florida Swimming Pool Safety and Liability Explained by Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer Explains Bicycle Rules of the Road

Florida Wrongful Death Attorney Explains Wrongful Death Statute

Meet Edward V. Ricci – Partner at Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley

Lending Your Car: What is the Florida Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine?

Florida Water Supply Safety: Ensuring the Water You Use is Safe

Defective Product Lawsuit Against 3M Combat Arms Earplugs

Florida Car Accident Attorney Explains the Types of Car Insurance Policies

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney: What You Need to Know

What to Do If You Suffer a Personal Injury Due to an Unsafe Drug or Medical Device

Florida Injury Attorney Discusses Dangerous Toys & How to Avoid Them

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Nursing Home Abuse Prevalence and Victim Rights

Florida Injury Attorney Explains Illegal Solicitation & Other Lawyer Conduct

Florida Accident Attorney Explains Top 5 Things to Do After a Car Accident

Child Molestation Prevention Tips for Parents

Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Jack Hill of Searcy Denney Discusses Boating Laws and Accident Prevention Tips

Top Medical Malpractice Questions Answered

Florida Product Liability Attorney Answers Prescription Drug Questions

Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyer Offers Tips for Expectant Parents

Florida DUI Attorney Explains The Legal Consequences of Drunk Driving

Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains How to Document Medical Errors

Can Bars Be Held Responsible for Drunk Drivers?

Jack Hill Discusses The Truth About Traumatic Brain Injury

How to Obtain Your Medical Records and Why It Matters in a Malpractice Case

How Keyless Ignitions Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Florida Product Liability Attorney Explains the 2 Types of Product Defects

Patient Rights and the Florida Wrongful Death Statute

How Florida DUI Cases are Handled in the Courtroom

Florida DUI Law Explained by a Personal Injury Attorney

Boris Zhadanovsky – Florida Personal Injury Attorney at Searcy Law

Jordan Dulcie – Florida Personal Injury Attorney at Searcy Law

Michael Kugler – Florida Trial Attorney at Searcy Law

Florida Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Bicycle Safety and Laws

What Drivers Need to Know About Florida Auto Insurance Coverage

Autonomous Car Safety: Florida Car Accident Attorney

Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains the Complex Process

What Is Medical Negligence? Florida Malpractice Lawyer Explains

A lawyer or law firm has contacted me. What should I do?

Trunnion Failure in Hip Implants — An Update

Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements — Do Not Lose Your Rights

Florida PIP – Personal Injury Protection Insurance

Medical Malpractice and Surgical Errors

Attorney Jack Hill: About The Civil Justice System

Attorney Jack Hill: The Realities of Auto Insurance and Accidents

Jack Hill, Attorney: Do you know about medical malpractice?

Attorney Jack Hill on the “Trial Process”

Attorney Jack Hill: Do you know the jury system?

Karen Terry — The Dangers of Injuries Caused By Pharmacy Errors

Karen Terry Discusses Drug Prescription Safety

Karen Terry on Pharmacy Negligence and How Patients Can Protect Themselves

Karen Terry Discusses Jurors, Social Media and Jury Conduct

Karen Terry Discusses Social Media and Lawsuits

Al Cone Trial Advocacy Institute for lawyers with all levels of experience

FJA 2015 Session – Women’s Caucus

Florida Injury Attorneys – We Turn Our Phones Off

Our Florida Injury Law Firm Can Answer the Hard Questions

The Role of the Court in Personal Injury Trials

We Fight For You – Searcy Law

Teach Your Kids Bicycle Safety

Prescription Drug Recommendations to Help You Stay Safe

Help Prevent Cyberbullying

One of the Largest Personal Injury Law Firms in Florida

Our Injury Lawyers Listen to You

Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys to Fight For You

We Hold Corporations Accountable

Buckle Up Your Precious Cargo

Keep a Safe Distance from Tractor Trailers

Defective Propane Tanks

Our Attorneys at the Florida Injury Law Firm of Searcy Denney

Know When Your Car Tires Should Be Replaced

Our Florida Injury Law Firm’s Values – Searcy Law

Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Injury Law Firm for Your Case

Every Client’s Case Matters

Dangerous Intersections in Florida

Learn About Uninsured Motorist Coverage

BRD Influence of Judge

The Burden of Proof in Civil Trials — What you must prove

Direct and Circumstantial Evidence: How do I know it snowed last night?

In trial all over the state of Florida

What Makes an Expert and How to Use Them in Trial

What can I expect from Jury Selection?

Florida Auto Accident Law Firm – How Insurance Impacts Your Case

Priscilla Gratton v. Donald DiPetrillo Part 1

Priscilla Gratton v. Donald DiPetrillo Part 2

Robert A Wilcox v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. Part 1

Robert A Wilcox v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. Part 2

Robert A Wilcox v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. Part 3

Margaret E. Piendle v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Part 1

Margaret E. Piendle v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Part 2

Contingency Fees Open the Courthouse Doors for Accident Victims

Do You Know How the Mediation Process Works? Part II

Do you know how the mediation process works? Part I

Do you know the the things that can affect getting your case to trial

Do you know what you can expect from being a plaintiff in a lawsuit?

Do you know how a preexisting medical condition can affect your lawsuit?

Do you know how insurance impacts personal injury cases?

Last inline First to Die

Insights Into Suing Tobacco Companies

Suing Tobacco Companies is Like Facing an Army of Tobacco Lawyers

Big Tobacco and the Seven Dwarfs — Swearing Under Oath to Lie

History of Smoking and the Tobacco Industry’s Efforts to Hide the Dangers

For Big Tobacco Money Talks — How Tobacco Manipulated Public Opinion

Tobacco’s Continued Deception — The Fraud of Filters

Hooking the Public: Killing Customers and Recruiting New Customers

How Big Tobacco Handles Lawsuits — Attrition and Wait for Deaths

Why Your Surgeon’s Experience Matters

Que Hacer en Caso de Un Accidente

Chris Searcy: Defending the Rights of Injured Victims

Florida Will Contests & Probate Disputes – A Basic Understanding

What Do I Do as a Trial Lawyer?

Success in the Law Requires a Team

Our Fee Promise – No Recovery, You Owe Us Nothing

It Takes Real Lawyers to Litigate with Powerful Defendants

Fighting for Justice with a Team

Chris Searcy: What You Should Consider in the Event You Have Been Injured

Handling Large Truck Accidents – It Is About Knowing What You Are Doing

What You Need to Know

What Type of Implant Do You Really Have?

Understanding Defective Hip Implants

Stryker Rejuvenate Litigation – How Do You Litigate?

Stryker Litigation Focus – New Jersey Part III

Stryker Litigation Focus – New Jersey Part II

Stryker Litigation Focus – New Jersey Part I

Stryker Implants and the Limits of Diagnostic Testing

Stryker Implants and the Consequences of Waiting

Stryker Hip Litigation and Staying Ahead of the Curve

Stryker Hip Implant Litigation – Difficult Product Defect Cases

Stryker Hip Defective Implants, the Litigation Process and the Broadspire Claims Process

Stryker Defect Rejuvenate Hip Implant – Patient Does Not Fault Her Surgeon

State and Federal Litigation – Stryker Rejuvenate Litigation Update

Significantly Worse Failure Than Some Others

(The) Selma Schepps Story

Problems Existed Prior to Recall

Long Term Effects

Laboratory Analysis – Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implantation Defects

Investigating Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implant Litigation

How Defective Medical Devices Get on the Market

Defective Hip Revision Surgery – From a Patient’s View

ABGII Recall News

Una Conduccion Segura – No Conduzca Distraido

Sabes Como el Sistema Judicial en los Estados Unidos Funciona

Mes de Herencia Hispana A

Mes de Herencia Hispana B

Mes de Herencia Hispana C

Mariano Garcia – Porque Soy Abogado

Mariano Garcia – Nuestra Firma

Mariano Garcia – No Cobramos Si No Ganamos

Mariano Garcia – Mala Practica Medica

Federal Preemption – Stealing Your Legal Rights

Keeping a Promise – Product Defect Is a Broken Promise

Dangerous Products, Dangerous Corporations, Dangerous Drugs

Mass Tort Update – A Primer for Attorneys and Consumers

Hispanic Heritage Month and Palm Beach County History Museum

Hispanic Heritage Month – English 2

Hispanic Heritage Month – English 1

A Patient Guide to Medical Malpractice Cases

What Should Patients with Defective Implants Demand?

Wait and See Approach to Hip Implant Defect Patients

Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator Leads

Pain Pump Litigation – A Primer for Attorneys

Knee Implants: How Do They Get on the Market?

Very Needed Private Not-for-Profit Corporation

Upcoming Issues

Making the Case for Humanity


How They Can Help

The Foster Children’s Project

The Domestic Violence Project

Child Advocacy

Assisting Veterans

The Real Truth About Birth Control Dangers

Pradaxa Causes Uncontrollable Bleeding

Osteoporosis Drugs Meant to Prevent Bone Fractures Actually Causing Bone Fractures

Hormone Replacement Therapy Complications

Food and Drug Administration Drug Approval

Checklist for Safety with Prescriptions

Actos and Bladder Cancer – New Litigation Information

Actos: More About Bladder Cancer and Other Complications

Actos: Bladder Cancer and Other Complications

What Vehicles Do Just Before an Accident

Preserving Evidence to Preserve Your Rights

Maintaining Medical Records

Head Injury and Automobile Accidents

Do You Know What Causes Stevens Johnson Syndrome?

Do You Know the Safest SUV Models?

Do You Know Which Are the Most Dangerous Intersections?

Do You Know How to Protect Yourself from Dangerous Drugs?

Do You Know How to Evaluate Drug Safety?

Do You Know the Dangers of Distracted Driving?

Do You Know About Prescription Safety?

Dangerous Drugs – Do You Know about Pradaxa?

Auto Accidents and Product Defects – Do You Know?

Corporate Fraud – A History and a Practice

Volunteering to a Stronger Community

Taking Time to Care and the Power of One

Special Olympics – Let Me Win, but Let Me Be Brave in the Attempt

Seagull Industries – Giving Purpose to Disabled People

Operation Hope – Helping to Give Hope for the Future

Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County

Lending a Hand – Giving Back by Volunteering

Lending a Hand and Taking Time to Care

Lawyers Taking Time to Care – Searcy Denney Lending Helping Hands

Hospice of Palm Beach County

Guardian ad Litem

Boating Accidents and Injuries

What to Do If You Have an Auto Accident: Details Matter!

Uninsured Motorists and Auto Accidents

Texting LOL Can Lead to DOA — Don’t Text and Drive

Texting and Driving? You May as Well Be Driving Drunk

Sometimes Accidents Do Not JUST Happen

Safer Cars — Putting Safety Before Profits

Hazards of Texting While Driving

Drivers Wearing a Blindfold — Distracted Driving

Don’t Ride with Texting Drivers

Distracted Driving Causes 1 in 5 Accidents — Don’t Let LOL Make You DOA

Auto Accidents – What to Do, How to Find the Right Lawyer

Auto Accidents and Product Defects

Antidepressants Causing Infant Birth Defects

Alzheimer’s Community Care

All That Yaz — Yaz Lawsuits

Actos: More About Bladder Cancer, Other Complications

Actos: Bladder Cancer and Other Complications

Actos and Bladder Cancer – New Litigation Information

Abdominal Mesh Defects

John A. Shipley

Earl L. Denney – Civil Rights Story #2

Earl L. Denney – Civil Rights Story #1

Earl L. Denney

Donald J. Ward

Matthew K. Schwencke

Andrea A. Lewis

Katherine A. Kiziah – Personal Bio

Katherine A. Kiziah

Adam Hecht

Mara Hatfield

Laurie Briggs Charity Work

Laurie Briggs

Hardee Bass

Cal Warriner

Karen E. Terry

Chris Speed

Jack P. Hill

Jimmy Gustafson

Mariano Garcia

Brian Denney

Brenda Fulmer

John Scarola

Greg Barnhart

Chris Searcy #2

Chris Searcy

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