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Florida Accident Lawyer

Hire a Florida Accident Lawyer to Seek Just Compensation

When you or someone you love suffers serious injuries in an accident, recovering just compensation can be critical for moving on. Not only can your financial costs add up quickly, but the non-financial costs of the accident can impact all aspects of your life (and your loved one’s lives) as well. Recovering maximum compensation can help manage costs in the months and years to come, but doing so requires the representation of an experienced Florida accident lawyer.

At Searcy Denney we have decades of combined experience helping Florida residents, visitors and families recover fair compensation after serious accidents. If you need advice regarding your legal rights, a personal injury lawyer can help. Your experienced accident lawyer can explain everything you need to know in a free, no-obligation initial consultation, and if you have a valid personal injury claim, your Florida accident lawyer can fight to recover the full financial compensation you and your family deserve.

Tens of thousands of accidents occur throughout Florida each year. While many of those incidents involve motor vehicle crashes that result in minor and serious injuries, there are various other types of accidents our Florida accident lawyer handles in which individuals may experience catastrophic harm or even death.

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At Searcy Denney, we work hard to ensure accident victims, regardless of the type of accident that occurred, receive the proper compensation necessary to ensure they can continue to care for themselves post-accident and well into the future. Each personal injury attorney at our firm stands ready to assist those who have been hurt in the following types of accidents:

Aviation Accidents

Our attorneys have assisted numerous survivors and families who have lost loved ones in incidents involving commercial airlines, helicopters, small planes, and other types of aircraft. Aviation cases can be complex, so you’ll want to work with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney with the experience and know-how to get the compensation you deserve.

Railroad Accidents

While railroad accidents were less prevalent in prior years, more recently, we have started to see an influx of incidents involving train derailments, train vs. vehicle collisions, and freight train crashes. When such crashes occur, the results are often horrific for those on the train and in the surrounding areas.

Boating Accidents

People from all around the country come to Florida to experience fun in the sun, which often includes good times on the water. However, the thrill of having the sun and water hitting your face can quickly turn into a nightmare if a boating accident occurs.

Bicycle Accidents

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Many residents and tourists choose to leave their motor vehicles in their parking spots and travel by bike instead. However, those in automobiles and other modes of transportation may neglect to be mindful of bikers who share the roadway. The injuries sustained in such accidents can be quite significant, so it is important for all accident victims to seek legal guidance from a well-versed Florida accident lawyer.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog or attacked by any other type of animal, help is available. Animal owners have certain legal obligations that must be met, and our auto accident attorneys are here to ensure that you receive the proper compensation to which you are entitled if you have been injured by a dog or any other species.

Golf Cart Accidents

Golfing is a favorite pastime for individuals young and old. That said, seeing a golf cart on the course or even off the course is not uncommon. Golf cart safety must be adhered to at all times and those who sustain injuries due to a cart operator’s negligence may be entitled to compensation based on the specifics of their case.

Pedestrian Accidents

Thousands of people flock to Florida throughout the year, and many of them choose to view the various cities and tourist locations on foot. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, those operating motor vehicles have a responsibility to look out for pedestrians and ensure they operate their vehicles in a way that keeps them and everyone else as safe as possible.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for victims. The fact that riders do not enjoy the same protections offered by automobiles made of metal, steel, and other shielding materials means that those who are involved in crashes are susceptible to a variety of injuries or even the possibility of death. If you or a family member has been hurt in a motorcycle crash, our attorneys are here to help.

When filing an accident claim in Florida, it is critical to know what happened and why. Once you contact us, we will promptly launch an investigation focused on determining what claim (or claims) we can file. In most cases, our investigations will uncover evidence that justifies claims based on one (or more) of the following:


Most accident claims are based on negligence. Car and truck drivers, boat captains, railroads, airlines, property owners, and other individuals and businesses all owe duties of care under Florida law. When they breach these duties, they can be held liable for the consequences—including the long-term financial and non-financial costs of victims’ injuries.  

Strict Liability

In some cases, businesses and pet owners can be held strictly liable for victims’ injuries. This means that proof of negligence is not required. We have significant experience handling strict liability cases in Florida, including cases based on vehicle defects, other product defects and vicious dog attacks.

Vicarious Liability

Under Florida’s vicarious liability laws, employers can be held liable for their employees’ negligence in many cases. If you or your loved one was injured in an accident caused by someone who was working, a Florida accident lawyer at Searcy Denney may be able to file a claim against his or her employer. Most employers have liability insurance that covers their employees’ negligence.

Governmental Liability

Governmental entities can also be held liable for accident victims’ injuries in some cases. If you or your loved one was injured in an accident involving a government vehicle or government property, then you may have a claim against the government. These claims are subject to special deadlines and requirements, so it is important to work with a Florida accident lawyer who has specific experience handling these types of cases.

How Much Can a Florida Accident Lawyer Help You Recover?

After any type of serious accident, it is important to make sure you are making informed decisions. This includes making an informed decision about whether to file a claim. While there are several factors to consider, one of the most important factors is how much you can expect to recover.

So, how much can a Florida accident lawyer seek to recover on your behalf? The answer to this question depends on the consequences of your (or your loved one’s) accident. When you choose to work with an auto accident lawyer at Searcy Denney, they will carefully calculate the financial and non-financial costs of the accident, including:

Medical Expenses

Recoverable medical expenses in serious accident cases include all costs of diagnosis, treatment, therapy and rehabilitation. In most cases, accident victims’ future medical costs will significantly exceed their costs incurred to date.

Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Along with medical expenses, a Florida accident lawyer can help you seek just compensation for your other out-of-pocket expenses as well. This includes current and future medical supply costs, prescription costs and transportation costs, among others.

Lost Earnings (and Future Earning Capacity)

Accident victims who miss work due to their injuries are entitled to just compensation for their lost earnings. If they will be unable to work in the future, they are entitled to just compensation for their lost earning capacity as well.

Pain and Suffering

Florida law entitles accident victims to just compensation for their pain and suffering in many cases. This is in addition to their compensation for the costs of medical care, therapy, and rehabilitation. Pain and suffering are common after serious accidents, and, for some victims, these non-financial costs will last for the rest of their lives.

Scarring and Disfigurement

Scarring and disfigurement can also be permanent non-financial costs of a serious accident. Here, too, a Florida accident lawyer may be able to seek compensation above and beyond the costs of treating your (or your loved one’s) injuries.

Loss of Consortium, Companionship and Enjoyment of Life

In serious accident cases, victims can also seek just compensation for their loss of consortium, companionship and enjoyment of life. At Searcy Denney, we work closely with our clients and trusted experts to ensure that we are seeking just compensation for all of our clients’ long-term losses.

Discuss Your Claim with a Top-Rated Florida Accident Lawyer for Free

If you would like to know more about your legal rights after an accident in Florida, please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer at Searcy Denney. To schedule an appointment as soon as possible, call 800-780-8607 or tell us how we can reach you online today. Our offices are located in Tampa, Tallahassee and West Palm.  

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