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Mass Torts

Mass Tort Lawyers After a Product or Drug Accident

How do products meant to help people end up hurting them? Unfortunately, this is a common situation for many Americans. When a person is injured or worse by any kind of product, the cause can often be traced to manufacturer negligence. At Searcy Denney, each of our mass tort lawyers hold manufacturers and companies responsible for the harm their products have caused innocent people. If this describes yourself or a loved one, please call us today to talk about how we can help you get your life back on track.

About Our Mass Torts Practice: What Our Florida Mass Tort Lawyers Do 

While our firm has defended the rights of Americans in a variety of practice areas, we are committed to seeking justice for cases involving personal injury and mass tort injuries. A “mass tort” is a personal injury case where many people are harmed by the same product and often share the same injury. A recent example is a recalled hip replacement. The product (hip replacement) is the same, and the resulting injury of removing the hip, a painful procedure, is similar for all plaintiffs affected by the product.

Defective Drugs

Prescription drugs have helped to advance medicine and extend the lives of millions. However, it is also a highly-profitable marketplace, and the race to get a new diabetes drug or birth control to market can have life threatening consequences. If you have used a drug that has caused you to be hospitalized, contact our firm for a confidential consultation. You are likely not the only one who has suffered, and our lawyers can help you understand your rights.

Defective Medical Devices

Healthcare devices are not always foolproof. After decades of experience in handling defective medical devices, our legal team seems to have a sixth sense for cases where faulty medical technology has turned patients into victims. With an aging baby boomer population, and the advancement of science, new medical devices are getting rushed to market. Often times, these devices are fast-tracked through a program known as “510(k),” which can bring a new product to market within months with very limited testing. Not surprisingly, once these products are embedded within the human body, life-threatening complications may arise.

Pharmaceutical Reactions

Medical professionals often use pharmaceuticals to help an individual in pain or who may be ill. Unfortunately, these synthetic drugs may not react well to the body, and may cause life threatening conditions such as Stevens Johnson Syndrome, heart attacks or other consequences – including death. If you have taken a drug which may have caused significant harm or hospitalized you or someone you love, contact us today.

Let Our Florida Mass Tort Lawyers Be Your Voice After a Serious Injury

Have you have been the victim of someone else’s carelessness or negligence? Our firm’s 40 years of experience has been a powerful force, holding large corporations responsible for putting their profits over people. Our case results total over $5.8 billion on behalf of thousands of American families and workers from around the country.

If you’ve taken a dangerous drug, received a defective medical device or otherwise suffered a tragedy, then you need a team of experts on your side who not only have a successful record but who also have the previous experience in similar types of legal matters. That’s Searcy Denney. We help those whose rights have been violated, fight to hold drug and device manufacturers accountable for their actions and seek fairness and equality for anyone who has been injured by a defective product.

Taking a Stand Against Giants to Defend Your Rights

We don’t turn away from cases that look challenging.

Our team of mass tort lawyers are experienced in fighting challenging cases, and won’t shy away. Oftentimes, companies or corporations will try to do just that, using their size, power and connections to pressure a case into disappearing. This tactic won’t work with Searcy Denney.

At Searcy Denney, our team is passionate about justice and righting the wrongs of bad drugs, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Contact us today for our professional assistance.

The following are examples of our successful cases:

  • Alamo Rental Car
  • Allstate Insurance, Co.
  • American Home Products Corporation
  • American Medical International
  • Arthur Andersen
  • Arthur Young & Co.
  • BallenIsles
  • Bankers Multiple Life Insurance Co.
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Bayer Corporation
  • Bethesda Memorial Hospital
  • Boston Scientific
  • Braun Shavers
  • Bridgestone/Firestone Tires, LLC
  • Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Co.
  • Broward County Sheriff’s Office
  • Burger King
  • Caulkins Groves
  • Centerpulse
  • Cessna
  • Coleman Company, Inc.
  • Colonial Penn Insurance
  • Columbia HCA
  • CSX Transportation
  • Daimler Chrysler Corp.
  • Delta Airlines
  • Doubletree & Hilton Hotels
  • Dow Corning Corporation
  • Eveready Battery, Co.
  • Federal Express
  • First National Bank of Palm Beach
  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • Florida East Coast Railway, Co.
  • Florida Power and Light
  • Floval Oil
  • Ford Motor, Co.
  • Geico Casualty, Corp.
  • General Motors, Corp.
  • GMAC Insurance
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Good Year Tires
  • Great Harbour Cay Realty & Investment, Co.
  • Guidant Corporation
  • Halliburton
  • Honda Motor Co.
  • Hospital Corporation of America
  • Humana
  • Indian River Memorial
  • Intracoastal Health Systems
  • Isuzu Motors Limited
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kmart, Corp.
  • Kraft Foods
  • LabCorp
  • Lee Memorial Health Systems
  • Lennar Homes
  • Manatee Memorial Hospital
  • Martin Memorial Hospital
  • Medtronic, Inc.
  • Merck Sharp & Dohme, Corp.
  • Michelin Tires
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.
  • Nissan Motors
  • North American Van Lines
  • Orion Insurance Co.
  • Orkin Exterminating, Inc.
  • Palm Beach Aviation
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • Philip Morris USA
  • Pizza Hut
  • Prudential Securities
  • R.J. Gators
  • R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, Co.
  • Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.
  • Rodeo Bar/Holiday Inn
  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital
  • Schooley Cadillac
  • Shands Teaching Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Hospital
  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance, Co.
  • Steak & Ale Restaurant
  • Tenet Healthcare, Corp.
  • Top Hat Car Wash
  • Toyota Motor, Corp.
  • U.S. Air
  • University Community Hospital
  • University of Miami Hospital
  • UPS
  • ValueJet
  • Walgreens

Do You Need Help Right Now? Our Mass Tort Lawyers Are Standing By

If you need help today and feel comfortable enough to take the first step by contacting our firm, we encourage you to not delay.

When you call, you will speak with our receptionist, and you can simply say you are calling for a free consultation on your matter. The reception desk will immediately connect you with a member of our team to help answer your questions. In just a few moments, you will begin receiving reliable answers to the questions you have. Please keep in mind there is no cost to speak with a lawyer, and there is no obligation to hire us should you decide not to pursue a lawsuit. Contact us today to get started.  Our offices are located in Tampa, West Palm, and Tallahassee but we accept clients nationwide.  

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