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Chemical Hair Straighteners

Chemical Hair Straightener Lawsuits

For generations, black and Latina women have used a variety of chemical hair products to relax or straighten their hair. The multi-billion-dollar cosmetic industry pressures black and Latina women to conform to traditional beauty standards by showing them in its advertising with beautiful, long, straight hair. However, recent studies show a causal link between hair relaxers and certain cancers. 

Many women started using the products at a very young age and continue to receive treatment every four to eight weeks or risk the “natural look” creeping in. Some have used these products for decades. Treatment consists of applying a creamy mix to the hair and scalp and allowing it to sit long enough to produce a “tingle” but not too long to risk burning your scalp. 

chemical hair straightener products

Are Your Hair Products Dangerous? 

A recently published scientific study indicates that “tingle” is generated by a mix of chemicals that double the user’s risk of contracting reproductive organ cancer. Shocking, to say the least, the reality is that millions of black and Latina women have unknowingly exposed themselves to life-threatening cancer just because they wanted to look good.  

There has never been a cancer warning on any of these products despite several older scientific publications suggesting a relationship between hair products and breast and reproductive organ cancers. 

Hair Relaxers Linked to Uterine Cancer

The newest study conducted by the National Institute of Health looked at data from over 33,000 women already enrolled in the NIH’s Sister Study which has been ongoing for decades. Participants answered questions about their use of various hair care products including dyes, straighteners, relaxers, pressing products, permanents, and body waves. Anyone with a history of uterine cancer was excluded. 

Applying a robust statistical model, it was found that those who reported the use of straighteners or relaxers more than four times in the preceding twelve months had more than double the risk of developing uterine cancer. Dyes, permanents, and waves were not found to increase the risk of cancer. 

Despite these findings, the authors did not attempt to identify which chemicals in the products were causing cancer. They did however mention a laundry list of chemicals routinely found in straighteners and relaxers including several endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC’s). For black women, in particular, the prevalence and frequency of use, harsher chemical formulations including a higher concentration of EDCs and younger age at initiating use were cited as especially concerning. 

The authors noted that scalp exposure is highly problematic as higher concentrations of harmful chemicals are absorbed through the scalp than other areas of the body including the forearm, palm, or abdomen.

Let An Experienced Chemical Hair Straightener Attorney Help You

At Searcy Denney, we are committed to fully investigating and prosecuting cases for women with reproductive organ cancers following exposure to toxic chemicals in their hair care products. At Searcy Denney, we handle mass tort cases nationwide.

Read more here. If you have questions or want to learn more, feel free to call us for a free consultation at 866-475-3708.

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