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Exactech Shoulder Replacement Defects

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Individuals who have been harmed by defective Exactech shoulder replacement systems may be entitled to financial compensation. Exactech has a long history of selling defective medical devices, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning about the company’s Equinoxe Shoulder System joint replacement devices on January 16, 2024.

According to the FDA, Exactech packaged its Equinoxe Shoulder System joint replacement devices improperly. Specifically, the company’s packaging was “missing one of the oxygen barrier layers that protect the devices from oxidation, a chemical reaction with oxygen that can degrade plastic components over time.” As the FDA goes on to explain:

“Oxidation can lead to faster device wear or failure, and device component cracking or fracture. This could lead people with the device to need additional surgery to replace or correct the implanted Equinoxe Shoulder System.”

Lawyers at Searcy Denney are actively representing individuals in Exactech shoulder replacement defect lawsuits. We have filed claims related to Exactech’s other defective medical devices many times before. If you have a claim, we can help you assert your legal rights. To learn more, schedule a free consultation today.

About Exactech’s Defective Equinoxe Shoulder System Implants

Exactech markets its Equinoxe Shoulder System implants as a form of treatment for several medical conditions. It touts several benefits on its website, which focuses on convincing surgeons that they should choose the Equinoxe Shoulder System over other medical devices. According to Exactech, its Equinoxe Shoulder System joint replacement devices can be used to treat conditions including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Loss of normal structure and function
  • Failed shoulder joint replacement devices

However, due to issues with Exactech’s packaging, the materials in its Equinoxe Shoulder System implants are prone to breaking down prematurely. As noted by the FDA, oxidation caused by Exactech’s improper packaging can cause its Equinoxe Shoulder System implants to wear faster than they should, to crack and to fail. These issues present serious risks for patients, who may face complications including infections, bone loss, joint failures and fractures—in addition to the need for a second surgery to replace their defective shoulder implant.

Exactech’s History of Marketing and Selling Defective Medical Implant Devices

This isn’t the first time there have been issues with Exactech medical implant devices. We began warning about issues with Exactech’s shoulder replacement systems last year, and we covered some of the most common failure-related injuries in detail.

Exactech has also faced lawsuits—including lawsuits filed by Searcy Denney lawyers—related to its defective knee and hip implants. These lawsuits have also focused on the company’s improper packaging, which causes oxidation resulting in premature degradation and failure. While the company’s knee and hip implants were both subject to widespread recalls, the FDA has not yet issued a recall for its Equinoxe Shoulder System joint replacement devices. However, the FDA is currently assessing the need for a recall, and one may be coming in the future.

In any case, a recall is not necessary for patients who have been harmed by Exactech’s Equinoxe Shoulder System implants to come forward. Our lawyers have already filed multiple lawsuits against Exactech related to its defective shoulder implants, and we are actively taking new cases nationwide.

The FDA’s Recommendations for Patients and Healthcare Providers

While the FDA has not yet issued a recall of Exactech’s Equinoxe Shoulder System joint replacement devices, it has issued strong warnings to both patients and healthcare providers. For patients, the FDA advises:

“Contact your health care provider if you have an Equinoxe Shoulder System implanted and you are experiencing any new or worsening pain or swelling, inability to use your arm, grinding or other noise, or weakness around your implanted device.”

In this scenario, complications are a very real concern, and prompt revision surgery may be necessary to mitigate the risk of long-term effects. The FDA does not recommend the removal of well-functioning devices; however, it indicates that healthcare providers should “[d]iscuss revision surgery with patients who may have worsening pain or joint weakness that is potentially attributable to the device.” This is a significant recommendation, and it underscores the risks associated with Exactech’s defective shoulder implant devices.

Do You Have an Equinoxe Shoulder System Defect Lawsuit?

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with complications related to an Equinoxe Shoulder System implant and/or undergone revision surgery after receiving one of these implants, we strongly encourage you to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights. The issues with Exactech’s defective packaging are well-known, and the risks these issues present are very real. There are laws that protect patients and families who have suffered losses due to medical device defects and affected patients and families will be entitled to significant financial compensation in many cases.

To find out if you have a claim against Exactech, your first step is to schedule an initial consultation. At Searcy Denney, all initial consultations are completely free and confidential. One of our experienced Exactech lawyers will speak with you one-on-one and provide a thorough assessment of your legal rights. If you have a lawsuit against Exactech, our lawyers will handle your case at no out-of-pocket cost, which means that your legal fees (if any) will be paid out of your settlement or verdict.

Taking legal action is important for protecting yourself and your family—and for holding Exactech accountable. The company has been selling defective medical devices for far too long. Help is available, and you can get started on the road to recovery 24/7.

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