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The Most Common Exactech Shoulder Issues and How to Identify Them

Defective Medical Devices

Getting a shoulder replacement is supposed to improve your quality of life. It is supposed to eliminate your pain, restore your mobility and allow you to do most of the things you were able to do before you started to have shoulder problems.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Problems with shoulder replacements are common. While issues can result from mistakes during surgery, they can also result from issues with patients’ shoulder replacement systems. One manufacturer in particular that is known for selling dangerous replacement devices (not just shoulders, but other joints as well) is Exactech.

Are You Suffering Due to Complications From a Defective Exactech Shoulder Replacement System?

Exactech has issued numerous recalls over the past several years, and it has faced lawsuits across the country as a result. This includes recalls related to its Equinoxe shoulder replacement system. Issues with Exactech’s shoulder replacement systems can cause various issues—all of which present risks for complications, and many of which put patients at risk for needing emergency revision surgery.

Some examples of common issues with Exactech shoulder replacement systems (and how to identify them) include:


Instability is a common issue with shoulder replacement surgeries, including those that involve Exactech replacement systems. It can occur if the shoulder is left too loose due to the implant or if issues with the implant lead to loosening over time. With that said, instability generally should not occur, and, as a result, when patients experience instability after their replacement surgeries, this is generally a sign that something has gone wrong.

Shoulder instability caused by a defective shoulder replacement has several telltale symptoms. Shoulder pain, a loose or “hanging” feeling in the shoulder, and the sensation that your shoulder bone is slipping out of its joint are all signs that treatment may be necessary.


Defective shoulder replacement systems can also cause various types of infections. While they can do so in various ways, one of the most common causes of infection related to defective shoulder replacement systems is the degradation of the implanted device—which can cause internal trauma and exposure to the materials used to manufacture the device.  Some of the warning signs of an infection linked to an Exactech shoulder replacement failure include “increased warmth, erythema, swelling . . . reduced range of movement and pyrexia.” Erythema is reddening of the skin, and pyrexia is an increase in body temperature (fever).  

Loosening Components

Over time, the components in a shoulder replacement system can start to loosen. While all implant devices have an expected lifespan, in some cases, this can happen more quickly than it should. If any of a shoulder implant’s components begin to loosen sooner than expected, this can be a sign of a defect, and it can cause symptoms similar to those of instability. In some cases, it can also present risks for long-term complications; so, here too, it is crucial to seek treatment promptly if you have concerns.

Implant Failure

Beyond loosening, in some cases, shoulder implants can fail. This involves one or more components becoming disconnected, degrading, or breaking after implant surgery. Implant failures can be extremely dangerous and can even be medical emergencies in some cases. Severe pain, disfigurement of the shoulder, loss of mobility, and unusual sounds or feelings during movement of the shoulder joint are all possible signs of an implant failure—although this list is not exclusive. If you are experiencing any unusual effects following a shoulder replacement surgery, even if it has been several years since you received your implant, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Periprosthetic Failure

Another severe risk associated with defective Exactech shoulder replacement systems is the risk of periprosthetic failure. This involves failure not of the device itself (although the device may have also failed) but rather a failure of the bones attached to the shoulder implant. Instability, infections, loosening components and implant failures can all compromise the attached bones, and this, in turn, can lead to fractures that may require surgery or other forms of treatment.

The symptoms of periprosthetic failure can be similar to the symptoms of the other conditions listed above. This makes obtaining an accurate diagnosis extremely important. All of the conditions listed above can get worse without timely treatment, and an accurate diagnosis is the first step on the road to recovery.

What You Need to Know if You Are Diagnosed with an Exacted Shoulder Issue

If you are diagnosed with any type of Exactech shoulder issue, you will want to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights. Treatment and recovery can be incredibly expensive, and implant failures and other issues can lead to additional financial and non-financial costs as well. If a shoulder replacement system defect is to blame, Exactech may be fully responsible for your costs now and in the future.

Exactech is known for manufacturing dangerous and defective medical devices. It has faced—and is continuing to face—lawsuits across the country. Patients and families are using the legal system to hold Exactech accountable while also making sure they have the financial resources they need to move on.

To find out if you have a claim against Exactech, your first step is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. At Searcy Denney, we are representing patients and families in Exactech shoulder replacement lawsuits nationwide. Our lawyers can provide a clear and thorough explanation of your legal rights, and if you have a claim, we can use our experience to fight for just compensation on your behalf.

Speak with a Lawyer About Filing an Exactech Shoulder Replacement Lawsuit

Are you entitled to financial compensation from Exactech? To find out, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer at Searcy Denney. We have extensive experience handling complex defective medical device cases, and we have recovered billions of dollars in financial compensation for patients and families across the country. Call 800-780-8607 or request an appointment online to get started today.

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