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10 Helpful Steps to Take After a Crash in Fort Walton Beach

Car Accidents

Let Our Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys Help

It may be your worst nightmare – a car crash involving you or a loved one can turn your life upside down. You may be upset and uncertain about what to do. 

Fortunately, Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys have helped many clients through this scenario, and they can assist you in taking the right steps to protect your rights and help you to a full recovery. To get started, here are ten helpful steps to take after a crash.

Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys Explain Steps to Take Right After the Crash

Whether it feels like everything is happening in slow motion or all in a rush, it is important to take some steps right after a crash and then follow up with other measures in the days and weeks to come. It is also wise to understand some things to avoid after a collision.

For the safety of yourself and others, Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys suggest that immediately after a car or truck accident you:

  1. Assess yourself for injuries. (If it does not feel right to move, try to stay still and get someone else to take the remaining steps)
  2. Check on others in your vehicle
  3. Call 911 and follow instructions
  4. Move to a safe place if advised to do so
  5. Make your vehicle conspicuous while you wait for help. Turn on hazard lights or use road flares if you have them
  6. Check on injuries to those in other vehicles and update the 911 operator if necessary
  7. Wait for emergency assistance and for the police to document the accident scene and file a report. Get the names and badge numbers of responding officers
  8. Document the crash – take pictures, make notes, get contact information for witnesses
  9. Undergo a thorough medical exam as soon after the accident as possible
  10. Avoid apologetic language

While your polite instincts may tempt you to say you’re sorry or admit you might have done something wrong, try to say nothing that could imply your fault in the incident. Even if you are simply trying to reassure others, your words could be taken out of context and used against you later to deny responsibility.

Actions to Take in the Aftermath of the Accident

It is never too soon to consult Fort Walton Beach accident attorneys for advice, even while you are still at the accident scene. Knowledgeable accident lawyers can help you determine what to say to others involved, as well as investigators who will contact you. Attorneys could also help you collect evidence to show that someone else was responsible for the accident.

You should also talk to your insurance company and follow up with your doctor. Make sure physicians understand that you were in a collision so they know to look for hidden injuries such as internal bleeding or concussion.

Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys Will Work With You Throughout the Process

While you may never have been in an accident before, car crashes are familiar territory to the Fort Walton Beach Accident Attorneys at Searcy Denney. Our experienced legal team can help you through the ordeal, letting you know what to expect and how to handle various issues. 

We can also help field questions from investigators and insurance companies, allowing you time to focus on getting your life back. For help with your car crash, call us at 888-549-7011 or contact us online.

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