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Road Hazards and Dangerous Roads

Pursue Damages after a Florida Car Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road or Road Hazard

Florida has some of the most dangerous roadways in the country. According to a report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel, “[f]our of the top five deadliest highways in the nation are in Florida,” and Florida’s U.S. Route 1 is the most dangerous road in the United States. While this report considers accidents involving all factors, the roads themselves are to blame in many cases. Numerous dangerous road conditions cause and contribute to serious and fatal car accidents across Florida each year. Our car accident attorneys understand how complicated these cases can be and are readily available to fight for your compensation. 

A pothole is a road hazard

Common Road Hazards That Cause and Contribute to Serious in Florida Auto Accidents

Dangerous road conditions range from issues with how a road is constructed to problems with signs, traffic signals and lane markings (or the lack thereof). Any time you are involved in an auto accident, it is important to consider whether an issue with the road may have played a role in causing you to crash. Some of the most common road hazards involved in auto accidents in Florida include:

  • Potholes and sinkholes
  • Uneven lanes
  • Low shoulders
  • Inadequate merging areas
  • Inadequate road maintenance
  • Use of improper road construction materials
  • Gravel, debris, and other road obstructions
  • Missing signs, traffic signals or lane markings
  • Inoperable traffic signals
  • Limited visibility and visual obstructions

Who is Liable When the Road Causes an Accident?

If you were involved in an auto accident in which an issue with the road was a factor, who is liable for your accident-related losses? Depending on the circumstances involved, the responsible parties may include:

  • The Road or Highway Authority – In many cases, the state or municipal authority responsible for constructing and maintaining the road will be liable. Under the Florida Tort Claims Act, there are special requirements (including strict timelines) for pursuing personal injury and wrongful death claims against government entities.
  • The Road Construction or Maintenance Contractor – In many cases, government authorities will hire private contractors to perform road construction and maintenance. If a contractor is to blame for the dangerous road condition that caused your accident, then the contractor may be liable for your losses.
  • The Manufacturer of the Road’s Construction Materials – From asphalt and concrete to guardrails and traffic signals, virtually all products used to build Florida’s roadways have the potential to suffer from defects. If your accident resulted from a product defect, you may have a claim against the product manufacturer.

To determine the specific cause of your accident (and who is liable for your losses), it will be necessary to promptly conduct an investigation. At Searcy Denney, we can launch auto accident investigations throughout Florida immediately, and our attorneys can help you understand the insurance issues involved with your accident as well. To start protecting your legal rights today, request a free consultation with one of our Florida dangerous road accident lawyers now.

Request a Free Consultation with the Car Accident Attorneys at Searcy Denney

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