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Fatal Car Crashes

Florida Car Accident Attorneys for Fatal Car Crashes


Ambulances and police in highway after serious car crashFatality risks are a serious concern for all who use Florida’s extensive roadways, and the statistics certainly support this anxiety. According to reports conducted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 2,935 fatal crashes statewide that led to 3,150 fatalities in 2018 alone. If your loved one has been killed in a car accident due to the fault of another, you may have a claim arising under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act, which gives qualified family members of the deceased a right of action for damages based on the losses suffered as a direct result of the individual’s death.  As a result, it’s imperative that you contact the Florida car accident attorneys at Searcy Law as  soon as you think you are emotionally ready. 

Litigation in fatal car crash accidents, or any wrongful death claim, can be difficult for a number of reasons.  Not only are there unique evidentiary and procedural challenges (due to the fact that the car crash victim is deceased), but you — the wrongful death plaintiff — may also be struggling emotionally and financially in the wake of the death of your loved one.  Here at Searcy Denney, we are committed to providing client-oriented, compassionate legal representation.  Contact us to learn more about how our Florida car accident attorneys can help.

Our Florida Car Accident Attorneys Explain the Scenarios That Heighten the Risk of Fatalities

Unfortunately, Florida is home to three out of the five deadliest stretches of the highway

  • From Tampa to Daytona Beach there are 1.250 deaths per mile on 1-4
  • On the portion of US-192 between Four Corners, FL and Indialantic, FL there are 0.867 deaths per mile
  • The deadliest city on I-95 is Jacksonville, FL. 

Nearly all car accidents are dangerous, but some expose parties to a heightened risk of fatality due to the fundamental dynamics of the collision.  Particularly risky car accident scenarios include, but are not necessarily limited to:

Side-impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions often lead to severe injury or even death, as the absorptive material is simply not as thick and effective on the sides of the vehicle. As a result, the force of impact is not distributed across the material enough to minimize the damage.  Passengers may be exposed to force of impact directly.

Head-on Collisions

Though head-on collisions protect drivers and passengers in the sense that the front of their vehicles are designed to crumple upon impact, absorbing dangerous impact forces, they are generally exposed to a heightened risk of injury and death by virtue of the two vehicles speeds contributing additively to the accident.

Truck Involvement

Any vehicle with a greater mass — such as a truck — will lead to a heightened risk of injury or death in the event of a collision, as the force of impact will be that much more substantial.

Defective Brakes, Steering, Etc.

Motor vehicle defects can lead to fatalities, not simply because they put the driver in a challenging, risky situation, but because the defect may not be known to the driver — the “breakdown” in function may therefore come as a surprise, giving the driver minimal time to take in all the information and respond properly.

Contact the Florida Wrongful Death Attorneys at Searcy Denney for Immediate Legal Assistance

At Searcy Denney, our team of Florida wrongful death and car accident attorneys have represented thousands of plaintiffs over the years, helping them secure billions in compensation.  Our consistent and high level of success is owed in large part to our aggressive approach to litigation. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a long history of taking cases to trial, when necessary.  As such, defendants cannot assume that we will settle for an unsatisfactory amount and must be willing to make fair settlement offers or risk trial litigation.

We believe that plaintiffs should be an informed partner throughout litigation.  Call us at 800-780-8607 or send us a message online to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

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