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Fender Benders

Discuss Your Options With Our Florida Fender Bender Accident Lawyers

Drivers argue after car accidentWhile a fender bender might not be the most serious type of car accident, dealing with the insurance companies is still a challenge, and your out-of-pocket costs could still be substantial if you were injured in the collision. To make sure you receive full coverage for your losses, you should speak with a Florida car accident lawyer before you settle your claim.

In fact, if it’s not too late, you should hire a lawyer to handle the entire insurance claims process for you. Yes, even if you have only been involved in a fender bender, we still recommend that you speak with a personal injury attorney. This is because:

  • The insurance companies put their interests first. Even after a simple fender bender, your insurance company is still going to try to limit how much it pays you.
  • You might be entitled to more than you think. Speaking with a lawyer ensures you are considering all options available to you to recover compensation.
  • Mistakes can be costly. If you make mistakes while trying to handle your insurance claim on your own, you could end up paying costs your insurance company was supposed to cover.

What Do You Need to Know if You Have Been Injured in a Minor Car Accident?

1. Your PIP Policy is Your First Source of Financial Recovery.

In Florida, your own personal injury protection (PIP) policy is almost always your first source of financial recovery after an accident. If your lost wages and medical bills are less than $10,000, then you may be able to resolve your entire claim through your own insurer.

2. PIP Might Not Be Enough to Cover Your Losses.

But, if your financial losses are more than $10,000, then your PIP policy might not be enough. Your medical expenses will almost certainly be more than this if you have suffered any type of serious injury.

3. You May Be Entitled to Additional Compensation from the At-Fault Driver.

If the other driver who was involved in the accident was at fault in the collision, then you may be able to file a fault-based claim with the other driver’s insurance company in order to recover additional compensation.

4. Getting Your Car Back and Getting Back to Work Should Not Be Your Only Priorities.

Getting your car back and getting back to work are important, but they should not be your only priorities. If you were seriously injured, you need to focus on your recovery, and you need to make sure you receive full compensation.

5. With Searcy Denney, You Don’t Pay Unless We Recover Money for You.

At Searcy Denney, your initial consultation is free, and you don’t pay anything unless we recover money for you. Thus, a simple meeting could explain all you need to know about your accident claim. Contact us now to make sure you receive the full financial compensation you deserve.

Speak with a Florida Fender Bender Accident Lawyer Today

To speak with a auto accident lawyer at Searcy Denney about your fender bender, please call 800-220-7006 or contact us online. We are available 24/7.

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