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Company Vehicle Accidents

Florida Company Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Many of the cars and trucks on Florida’s roads are company vehicles. From sedans to pickup trucks, and from box trucks to utility vans, company vehicles can take all forms, and they can be used for a multitude of different purposes.

While employees should drive safely when operating their company vehicles, we all know that this is not always the case. From speeding to texting and driving while impaired to driving while fatigued, careless mistakes lead to more than 1,000 auto accidents across Florida every day. If you have been injured in an accident involving a company vehicle, you have clear legal rights, and our Florida auto accident lawyers or truck accident lawyers can help you recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Company driver sits in his van

What Qualifies as a “Company Vehicle”?

A “company vehicle” is any car, truck, van or SUV that is owned by a business and driven by one (or more) of its employees. While company vehicles include delivery trucks and utility vans, they also include vehicles driven by executives, sales representatives and other employees who get to drive a company vehicle as a benefit of their employment. Company vehicles might have logos, wraps or other branding, or they might not. While branding can help to identify a car as a company vehicle, your attorney will be able to determine the vehicle’s legal owner through other means as well.

What Are Your Legal Rights After an Accident Involving a Company Vehicle in Florida?

When dealing with an accident involving a company vehicle, the main difference from other auto accidents is access to insurance coverage. While most Florida residents do not have liability insurance (because it is not required by Florida law), most companies purchase substantial liability insurance coverage.

To hold the company liable, you must be able to prove negligence. This can be either (i) negligence on the driver’s part or (ii) negligence on the company’s part. As a general rule, companies are “vicariously” liable for their employees’ negligence, and they can be held responsible for their direct negligence as well. As a result, in addition to common driving mistakes, companies can also be held liable for negligence, such as:

  • Failing to adequately maintain company vehicles
  • Failing to conduct adequate employee background checks and screening
  • Failing to provide adequate employee training
  • Communicating with employees while they are driving (resulting in driver distraction)
  • Encouraging or forcing employees to drive long hours (resulting in driver fatigue)

Is the Driver’s Employer Always Liable for a Company Vehicle Accident?

Just because an accident involves a company vehicle, this does not necessarily mean that the company will be liable. For example, if a delivery truck driver was driving on personal time, then you may only have a claim against the employee. Companies will assert various defenses to try to escape liability. To ensure you receive just compensation, it will be important for you to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Discuss Your Florida Company Vehicle Accident Case with a Florida Accident Attorney at Searcy Denney

Were you injured in a collision involving a company vehicle? To discuss your legal rights with one of our experienced Florida auto or truck accident lawyers in confidence, please call 800-780-8607 or request a free consultation online today.


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