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Mediation and Arbitration for Personal Injury Claims

Taking your case to trial does not always guarantee the best results. For many victims, personal injury mediation or arbitration is a faster, cost-effective, and confidential way to receive fair compensation. 

  • Mediation: When the injured person and the insurance company try to reach an agreement with the help of an unbiased mediator. 
  • Arbitration: A neutral third party, usually a retired judge or lawyer, hears arguments from both sides and determines the outcome and the amount of the financial award. 

If you have the opportunity to participate in mediation, you have the right to work with an attorney to protect your interests. At Searcy Denney, our personal injury attorneys have helped Floridians injured in accidents recover billions in damages. We assist clients by negotiating for the full compensation available under the law. 

Lawyers Reviewing a Personal Injury Claim

The Personal Injury Mediation Process in Florida

Mediation is a collaborative process. Both parties have the opportunity to present their arguments and work together under the supervision of a neutral third party to reach a favorable outcome. The mediation process is structured to allow for both sides to make a fair argument. 

  1. The mediator makes an opening statement. It includes information relevant to both you and the insurance company.
  2. Each side is allowed to tell their side of the story. In most cases, your attorney will present a prepared statement. Our personal injury mediation attorneys use charts, graphs, and other visual aids to demonstrate your claim’s value. 
  3. After everyone has spoken, you have the opportunity to discuss options and solutions in private. When you are ready, the mediator will present these options for discussion. 
  4. The negotiations and decision-making phase will continue until both sides reach an agreement and settle the case. 

Our Florida personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience fighting for the people we represent at the negotiating table. We understand the strategies that insurance companies often employ to try to reduce or avoid payouts

The Arbitration Process for Accident Claims

If you feel you may be unable to reach an agreement during settlement negotiations, arbitration is sometimes an option. Arbitration is an alternative to a trail. A neutral third party serves as the arbitrator and determines the outcome of the negotiations. While it may sound simple, arbitration is a complicated process. There is a 10 step process required before the proceedings can even begin. 

Every case is unique, and the decision to arbitrate should be made with the assistance of an experienced Florida accident lawyer. There are procedural requirements, filing deadlines, and other bureaucratic pitfalls that may work against you. 

Revolve Your Case with a Personal Injury Mediation and Arbitration Lawyer

Our team of dedicated legal professionals is ready to fight for you. Our offices are conveniently located in West Palm Beach and Tallahassee. Call or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an injury attorney today.


What Our Clients Have To Say

" Nick DeBellis obtained the maximum recovery of full insurance limits in the case we worked on. He is a true professional and recommend him to anyone in South Florida. "