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Hearing Loss Injuries

Learn Your Compensation Options from a Florida Hearing Loss Lawyer

Hearing loss is among the most common injuries resulting from head trauma. While most people associate hearing loss with prolonged exposure to loud noises or the degenerative effects of aging, many people suffer hearing loss in traumatic accidents each year. If you have suffered hearing loss due to an accident, a Florida hearing loss attorney at Searcy Denney may be able to help you recover just compensation.

Understanding the Two Types of Hearing Loss

There are two main types of hearing loss that can result from traumatic accidents. These are: (i) conductive hearing loss, and (ii) sensorineural hearing loss. 

  • Conductive Hearing Loss – This type of hearing loss results from damage to the external or middle ear. If a mechanical problem in one of these areas stops sound waves from reaching the inner, this can prevent the eardrum from vibrating in response to sound.
  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss – With this type of hearing loss, sound reaches the inner ear, but damage to a component of the inner ear (i.e. the cochlea, auditory nerves, or cilia) prevents the ear from functioning properly. 

Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Several causes of hearing loss can entitle individuals in Florida to just compensation. When you contact us, one of our Florida hearing loss attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your legal rights and determine how much you may be entitled to recover. We handle all types of cases involving hearing loss, including:

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are among the most common causes of head trauma, and this means that they are also among the most common causes of traumatic hearing loss. This includes car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents, as well as accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians. If you have been involved in a collision and are experiencing hearing loss, you should see a doctor and consult with a lawyer right away.

Airbag Deployment

In vehicle collisions, airbags are a frequent cause of hearing loss. One study found that “17 percent of people exposed to deployed airbags in American cars will suffer from permanent hearing loss.” This is attributable to the explosive sound (or “impulse noise”) that occurs when an airbag deploys.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip, Trip and fall accidents can lead to hearing loss when victims hit their heads. This includes hitting the ground as well as hitting tables, benches, railings and other stationary objects. When seeking treatment following a slip, trip or fall, it is important to thoroughly explain all of your symptoms (including difficulty hearing or ringing in the ears) so that your doctor can provide a complete and accurate diagnosis.

Product-Related Accidents

Accidents involving dangerous and defective products can also cause hearing loss. This includes hearing loss from traumatic impact as well as from explosive sounds. Ineffective earplugs can also cause inner ear damage due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds on job sites and in other locations over time.

Workplace Accidents

Various types of workplace accidents can lead to hearing loss. If you are suffering from hearing loss that you believe may be work-related, you should speak with a Florida hearing loss attorney about your legal rights. Not only might you be eligible to file for workers’ compensation benefits, but you could have a personal injury or product liability claim as well.

Are you suffering from hearing loss? If so, our Florida personal injury attorneys can determine whether you are eligible for financial compensation. Contact us today to learn more.

Talk to a Florida Hearing Loss Attorney for Free

To determine if you are eligible to receive financial compensation for your hearing loss, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at Searcy Denney. Call 800-780-8607 or contact us online to speak with a Florida hearing loss attorney today.

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