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Uber & Lyft Sexual Assault Cases

Bringing Suit Against Rideshare Companies For Sexual Assault

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have revolutionized how we get around. They have also provided other benefits to society, such as a reduction in DUI arrests. Unfortunately, it is too common for these services to fail to adequately screen those who drive for them. The result of this failure is that rideshare drivers have been known to sexually assault their passengers. If you have been sexually assaulted by a rideshare driver, then it is important that you immediately contact law enforcement. Your next step should be to contact an Uber & Lyft sexual assault attorney.

Rideshare Companies May Be Responsible For Sexual Assaults Committed By Their Drivers

Rideshare drivers are considered independent contractors in some situations. The companies who utilize such contractors are typically not responsible for intentional acts which these individuals commit, but there are exceptions. A company must, however, adequately screen and supervise those with whom it contracts. Also, Uber and Lyft have a duty to take reasonable steps to provide a safe environment for their passengers. If they fail to meet these obligations, and a sexual assault occurs as a result, then the company may be liable for damages. The amount which a victim would recover can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering as well as compensation for emotional distress, and possible punitive damages.

There are a number of situations where a rideshare company will be liable for an assault by one of its drivers. These include:

  • Failing to take action when “red flags” arise – If multiple passengers have complained of unwelcome sexual advances by a driver, and the rideshare company takes no action, then they may potentially be responsible if that driver sexually assaults a passenger.
  • Failing to properly screen drivers before allowing them to ferry passengers 

Proving liability on the part of the rideshare company can be complicated. It is strongly suggested that you retain an experienced attorney to assist you.

What To Do if You Are Sexually Assaulted by an Uber or Lyft Driver

If you have been sexually assaulted by an Uber or Lyft driver, it is important that you contact law enforcement and report the incident as soon as possible. It is also crucial that you seek immediate medical care and contact an Uber & Lyft sexual assault attorney so that they may begin dealing with Uber or Lyft directly on your behalf.

Our Sexual Assault Attorneys Assist Florida Residents Who Have Been Assaulted While Riding With Uber or Lyft

If you have been sexually assaulted while riding with Uber or Lyft, then you have been through a terrible ordeal. It is important that you report the matter to law enforcement and that you obtain representation so that the responsible parties can be held accountable. Our Uber & Lyft sexual assault attorneys are here to assist you with cases involving assault or rape. Contact us online, by email at, or over the phone at 800-780-8607, and we will schedule your initial consultation immediately. We look forward to being of assistance.

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