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College Sexual Assault Cases

Florida Sexual Assault Attorney Assisting Those Who Were Assaulted On a College Campus

College is meant to be a time of learning and new life experiences. These new experiences, in turn, are meant to be had on a college campus that is safe. The truth of the matter, however, is that colleges sometimes fail to meet their obligation to provide a safe environment. While the criminal courts will deal with punishing the wrongdoer, it is up to the civil justice system to ensure that the survivors of such crimes receive the compensation they deserve. If you find yourself needing to bring an action against a university, then contact us today to speak with a Florida college sexual assault attorney.

Federal Law Protects Students Who Are Sexually Assaulted On College Campuses

Title IX is a federal legal framework that places requirements on all universities that receive federal funding. Among these requirements are the obligation to have policies in place that help to prevent sexual assault from occurring on campus. Schools are required to meet this obligation in two ways. First, they must take reasonable steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur. Second, when such incidents do occur, the school is to respond quickly and must adequately address the situation. 

Common forms of negligence, which lead to liability against universities, can include:

  • Failing to maintain adequate lighting on campus
  • Failing to ensure that the doors of the dorm rooms have functioning locks
  • Having inadequate security staff on campus
  • Failing to respond to information that may indicate that someone on campus is a threat
  • Not conducting a proper investigation when an incident is reported
  • Not taking steps to meet a student’s needs after an assault

Whether such failures will, in fact, lead to liability against the school will depend on the specifics of the case. It is strongly suggested that you speak with an attorney in regard to your particular situation.

Steps To Take After Being Sexually Assaulted On Campus

The unfortunate truth is that many assaults go unreported. While it is understandable why this occurs, the fact of the matter is that no resolution can come from keeping the crime is kept private. If you have been sexually assaulted on campus, it is strongly suggested that a) you report the matter to campus security and/or local law enforcement immediately and b) follow up with them regularly to ensure that they are taking appropriate steps. These steps should include finding the perpetrator and making improvements to ensure that you are safe in the future. 

Contact a Florida College Sexual Assault Attorney if You’ve Been Assaulted On a College Campus

If you have been assaulted on a college campus, you have been through a traumatizing event. The best thing for your situation is to move forward as quickly as possible. Steps to do so include contacting campus security, law enforcement, and an attorney to protect your interests. Our Florida college sexual assault attorney understands that you have been through an ordeal. We will focus on the law so that you may focus on the future. We may be contacted online or by telephone at 800-780-8607. Call or email us at today to schedule an appointment.

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