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The EndDD Program — End Distracted Driving – Save Lives


We see it every day in the clients tragically injured in car crashes; family members who have lost members of their family to the careless driving of another; and those whose lives will be forever shattered by an automobile accident so horrific they will never recover.

Causing a car wreck because you are distracted is not an accident. Talking on your cell phone, texting while driving, or another of the many distractions Americans regularly engage in while operating a dangerous object called a car is a decision you make that places other people in danger.

We are proud to join Attorney Joel Feldman in an organization called EndDD – End Distracted Driving. Joel started this program after tragically losing his young daughter because of the poor decisions of a distracted driver, causing a traffic “accident”.

Lawyers from our firm are travelling throughout the Palm Beach County School System, talking to students, teachers and parents about the tragic results of distracted driving and the resulting loss of life or limb.

Hill, Jack at EndDD

Attorney Jack Hill and Hardee Bass visited Jupiter Community High School and found students receptive to the dangers of distracted driving and wanting to know more about the subject. The students asked whether distracted driving was “against the law” and, sadly, our Florida legislature has still been incapable of making it illegal.

Bass, Hardee at End DD

Lawyers Adam Hecht and Andrea Robinson spoke to students at Royal Palm Beach High School and discovered those young adults wanted to know more about distracted driving and how to avoid it.

Hecht, Adam and Robinson, Andrea at End DD

Carter Scott, from our Tallahassee office, visited Lawton Chiles High School and met young men and women who want to know more about what they can do to stop the traffic accidents, injuries and deaths resulting from distracted driving.

Scott, Carter at EndDD

The statistics are slowing creeping higher, demonstrating that, although we may understand the problem with texting and driving or other distracted driving behaviors, we have not begun to significantly change our behavior.

Fact:  Your mind can not multi-task. That is a scientifically proven myth and the sooner we settle with that fact, the sooner we can focus only on driving 3000 pound pieces of metal at 70 miles an hour.

Fact:  Humans are not super-taskers. Even computers can not process what we require from our brains as fast as would be necessary to avoid missing something.

So, when driving a 3000 pound piece of metal hurling along a roadway, don’t ask more from your brain than it can reasonably deliver:

  • Stay off the phone
  • Don’t put on makeup or shave
  • Don’t read the newspaper
  • Don’t eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Don’t talk on the phone
  • Don’t text or email

Buckle up, turn the phone off, leave the coffee at home, and focus on propelling that 3000 pound car down the road in a safe and concentrated manner.

Our firm feels strongly about ending distracted driving. We hope to be permitted to speak at many, many more schools and inform young adults of the very reall dangers associated with distracted driving.

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