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Category: Politics and Topical News

Is Tort Reform in the Best Interests of the Public? The Numbers’ Don’t Lie and Insurance Company Exec’s agree It is in No One’s Best Interests, Except Insurers

Corporate Fraud

The Tort Reform Myth Persists — Selling Out the Injured Why do lobbyists still sell and legislators still buy the tort reform myth? A 194-page briefing book published in December 2018 by the Center for Justice & Democracy at New York Law School packs a powerful punch when it comes […]

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Sovereign Immunity — Punishing the Innocent Injured


Sovereign Immunity — the STATE against the Injured Antiquated Law Should Disappear from the Books “The King can do no wrong” or as stated in Latin, “rex non potest peccare”. The legal maxim is also called “Crown Immunity”. This is a concept going back beyond Roman times and regularly adopted […]

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