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Searcy Denney Is Pursuing Claims on Behalf of Families Affected by Dangerous WanaBana Applesauce Pouches

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Our firm is actively pursuing claims against WanaBana USA and other companies on behalf of families affected by WanaBana USA’s dangerous applesauce pouches. On October 28, 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the first known cases of lead poisoning among children who had consumed WanaBana Apple Cinnamon Fruit Puree 2.5oz pouches. Two weeks later, WanaBana USA announced a voluntary recall as it looked into the source of the elevated lead levels. Since then, many more cases have been reported, and our firm has initiated legal proceedings to recover just compensation on behalf of affected families.

Searcy Denney Attorneys File One of the First Lawsuits Against WanaBana USA

On December 21, 2023, our attorneys filed one of the first lawsuits against WanaBana USA related to the elevated lead levels in the company’s applesauce pouches. The lawsuit, which also names WanaBana LLC and Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. as defendants, alleges that the plaintiffs’ young daughter suffered from lead poisoning after consuming several of WanaBana USA’s recalled pouches. The case is currently pending in Miami-Dade County.

Searcy Denney Attorneys Also Serve as Co-Counsel in Nationwide Class Action Against WanaBana USA

Searcy Denney attorneys Jack Scarola and Katherine Kiziah are also serving as co-counsel in a nationwide class action lawsuit filed against WanaBana USA. Class action lawsuits allow families to recover financial compensation when their losses are not substantial enough to outweigh the costs of pursuing an individual lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are important for holding companies like WanaBana USA accountable, and joining a pending class action can be an efficient and cost-effective way to assert your family’s legal rights.

Whether you join the class action against WanaBana USA or engage our attorneys to sue the company individually, you will pay nothing out of pocket for your legal representation. We cover the costs of pursuing our clients’ claims and only recoup them from our clients’ awards if we are successful in recovering just compensation.

Latest Updates on the WanaBana Applesauce Pouch Recall and Related Litigation

Here are the latest updates on the WanaBana applesauce pouch recall and the lawsuits filed against WanaBana USA, WanaBana LLC, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. and other companies:

January 9, 2024: The FDA has Received 87 Confirmed Complaints of Lead Poisoning from WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis Applesauce Pouches

On January 9, 2024, the FDA reported that it has received a total of 87 confirmed complaints of lead poisoning from WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis applesauce pouches. Schnucks and Weis applesauce pouches have also been confirmed to contain elevated lead levels through testing. According to the FDA, “people for whom a complaint or adverse event was submitted . . . are between zero and 53 years of age[,] and the median age is one year old.” This means that the vast majority of individuals diagnosed with led poisoning are infants and very young children.

The FDA’s latest update states that cases of lead poisoning linked to consumption of WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis applesauce pouches have been reported in more than 30 states from coast to coast. As awareness of the recall and pending lawsuits grows, we expect both the number of confirmed complaints and the number of states with these complaints to increase significantly.

January 8, 2024: Applesauce Pouches with Elevated Lead Levels are Still Found in Some Stores

On January 8, 2024, a news outlet in South Carolina reported that the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) had found WanaBana, Schnucks, and Weis applesauce pouches in at least 10 stores “months after the recall was issued.” According to the report, the South Carolina DHEC and Department of Agriculture also found that “a Dollar Tree distribution center sent 157 cases of the WanaBana pouches to stores after the recall.”

Dollar Tree is one of several retailers that has sold (and may be continuing to sell) WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis applesauce pouches with dangerous levels of lead. Other retailers include Schnucks Grocery Stores, Weis Grocery Stores, Sam’s Club, Eatwell Markets and Amazon.

January 5, 2024: FDA Testing Finds Chromium in WanaBana Applesauce Pouches

On January 5, 2024, the FDA reported that additional testing has uncovered the presence of chromium in WanaBana applesauce pouches, in addition to lead. According to the FDA, “[p]eople who ate recalled products, especially if they had elevated blood lead levels, may have been exposed to chromium and should inform their healthcare provider so they can monitor health and provide supportive care, as needed.”

While chromium can be used as an ingredient in some foods, the FDA reports that the effects of eating foods contaminated with chromium “are not well understood.” However, signs of potential adverse effects include “abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, anemia, renal and hepatic dysfunction.” Parents of children who have exhibited these symptoms after consuming WanaBana, Schnucks, or Weis applesauce pouches should consult with their pediatricians promptly—and seek emergency medical treatment if necessary.

December 26, 2023: The FDA Reports that Lead in WanaBana Applesauce Pouches is 200 Times the Standard Level

On December 26, 2023, the FDA reported that testing of WanaBana, Schnucks and Weis recalled applesauce pouches revealed that the pouches contained more than 200 times the standard acceptable level of lead for food products intended for infants and young children. According to the FDA, this level of lead is sufficient to render these food products “injurious to health.” As a result, parents should avoid feeding WanaBana, Schnucks, and Weis applesauce pouches to their children, and parents whose children have been diagnosed with lead poisoning should speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Discuss Your Family’s WanaBana Applesauce Claim with a Lawyer at Searcy Denney

If you need to know more about filing a lawsuit or joining the pending class action against WanaBana and its affiliates and retailers, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. Please call 800-780-8607 or tell us how we can reach you online to schedule an appointment at Searcy Denney.

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