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Rear End Truck Collisions

Trucking Accidents

While all rear-end collisions present severe risks to the drivers and passengers who get rear-ended, collisions involving commercial trucks are particularly dangerous. These accidents regularly result in serious traumatic injuries, and most victims will face a long road to physical and emotional recovery.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a rear-end collision involving a semi-trailer, 18-wheeler, or other large commercial truck, our truck accident attorneys can help you fight for just compensation. As a personal injury law firm that has secured numerous multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts for victims of commercial trucking accidents, we know what it takes to win the compensation you deserve. With a dedicated staff and a team of trial lawyers who focus exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death representation, we have the resources and capabilities to take on the big trucking companies, and we have the dedication to help each and every client secure maximum compensation.

Common Factors in Rear-End Collisions

With proper truck maintenance, adherence to trucking safety regulations and careful truck driving, rear-end collisions involving commercial trucks simply should not happen. There is no excuse for a commercial truck driver to rear-end another vehicle – not on the highway, not on side streets, not at intersections and not in heavy traffic. Yet, these accidents are a regular occurrence throughout Florida, from I-10 in Tallahassee to I-95 in West Palm Beach. This is because trucking companies and truck drivers routinely make mistakes such as:

  • Failing to conduct routine maintenance on commercial trucks
  • Failing to make necessary repairs
  • Exceeding federal limits on hours spend behind the wheel
  • Driving commercial trucks without adequate training and experience
  • Driving while drunk or drowsy, and falling asleep behind the wheel
  • Texting, using social media, communicating with dispatch and giving in to other distractions behind the wheel
  • Speeding, following too closely, braking too late and other types of driver errors

While trucking companies will often be liable for rear-end accidents involving commercial trucks, there are various circumstances under which other large corporations may be responsible as well. For example, perhaps your accident occurred not because the truck driver applied the brakes too late or because the truck was past due for a brake job, but because the truck’s brakes were defective out of the factory. In this situation, the truck manufacturer could be liable. Or, maybe the truck driver was unable to stop because the truck was overloaded with cargo. If this was the case, the shipping company could be liable for violating the relevant safety standards.

Regardless of the cause of your accident, when we take your case, we will work quickly to determine the cause so that we can help you recover just compensation as soon as possible. Finding out if you have a case starts with a free consultation, so contact us to speak with an experienced commercial truck accident attorney today.

Schedule Your Free Consultation at Searcy Denney

If you need to speak with a lawyer about protecting your rights after a rear-end collision involving a commercial truck, please contact us to arrange your free initial consultation. To schedule an appointment as soon as possible, call (800) 780-8607 or tell us about your accident online today.

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