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Making a Difference — Defeating Homelessness Two Percent at a Time

» Written by // April 6, 2011 // ,

April 9, 2011 is an important date and an important event will take place at the Meyer Amphitheatre in Palm Beach County. It’s called the “SleepOut” and it is a symbolic reminder of the phrase: “But, for the grace of God, go I”.

Imagine that you have no bed to sleep in, because you have no home.

Imagine that your children are cold, and hungry, and cannot attend school.

Imagine that what remains of your current life are now contained in a cardboard box.

In any given night, over 671,000 people are homeless. On any given night, over 248,000 of those homeless are families.

In any given night, over 120,000 of the homeless are considered “chronically homeless” and it should be with great shame that we know over 134,000 homeless are men and women who have fought for our country, for the rights of each of us to enjoy the freedoms for which this country stands.

In a country where homelessness simply should not exist, it sadly does not take more than an unforeseen financial crisis to send whole families onto the streets:

  • A medical emergency with no insurance
  • A car accident caused by someone without financial responsibility
  • A death
  • A loss of employment

Homeless people simply yearn for an opportunity, a chance, to restore their lives and to get back on their feet. These unfortunate people are not there looking for a hand out – they are looking for a leg up, a boost.

Thankfully, organizations such as The Lord’s Place in Palm Beach County exist to provide the help, the support to get people back on their feet. Last year, through the contributions of business and individuals, The Lord’s Place was successful:

  • Providing 500 men, women, and children with emergency housing and support
  • Changing the lives of 83% of these people by helping them to no longer be homeless
  • Serving 4000 people across a variety of services and assistance
  • Provided over 10,000 meals
  • Graduated 80% of people through their Education & Employment Programs

Please visit the SleepOut website to contribute to this very worthy cause. Be part of the effort to end the cycle of homelessness – be a part of the 2% solution.

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