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FDA Confirms Pain Pumps Never Approved for Intra-articular Infusion


In a video we produced, Attorney Cal Warriner discussed the practice of pain pump manufacturers promoting the use of continuous flow infusion pain pumps for uses never approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In fact, pain pump manufacturers were, in some cases, told to remove orthopedic use from their written materials.


Tragically, pain pump manufacturers went to what appears to be substantial efforts to market their pain pumps for use directly in the joint space (intra-articular) and went from doctor to doctor; from conference to conference; promoting this unapproved use.

The FDA now has issued another notification, this time in the form of a video, which concludes the manufacturers used the pain pumps in a way not approved and recommended drugs for use in the pumps for which they conducted no testing for the intended their use.

Yet, these same manufacturers continue to argue to judges that they should be dismissed from lawsuits. This is being argued before a jury can hear that their use of the pain pumps was unapproved and their selection of drugs for us in the pumps was untested. Their attitude is typical of trying to pervert the law in the interest of corporate avoidance for their poor judgment and circumvention of federal guidelines.

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