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Election 2012 — Let’s Take a Different Approach to Government

» Written by // November 8, 2012 //

It was contentious and in some races it was downright nasty. So goes the 2012 election season.

I am proud to live in a state in which voters were able to see through the negative hype and the hyperbole that was thrown against three very competent, ethical and intelligent Supreme Court Justices such as Justices Pariente, Quince and Lewis.

This year legislators placed 11 constitutional amendments on the ballot largely because they lacked the political courage to do their job by weighing the value of those amendments as laws. Instead, they passed on to voters the blame should any of the amendments that passed cause budget crisis by denying needed revenue to government. Voters should be commended that most realized the folly of amending our constitution simply because our elected officials want to avoid the blame of doing their jobs.

I wish that we Floridians could count better, or at least faster; particularly in Palm Beach County, but that “chad” is apparently not going away soon.

We have a president and legislators ready to get on with the country’s business; whether they were your or my choice, we at least made it through a democratic process reasonably smoothly.

I think that after political ads that certainly crossed the line of civility, if not truth, our elected officials are ready to move forward with the country’s business in a way that contains an element of cooperation that exceeds what we have seen in the last (4) years.

I think it is fair for all of us to stand together and expect that our elected officials work together to solve OUR problems.

I think it is fair for all of us demand that legislators pay attention to the problems and needs of the MAJORITY of US.

I think it is fair for us to demand that WE be more important than lobbyists and campaign contributors.

I think it is fair for all of us to demand that legislators do their job.

So, let’s not only feel free to write legislators; let’s actually make our voices heard. Let’s call legislators out who seem to not be doing the job in OUR best interests.

Let’s force ourselves into the process and make sure WE are part of the solution rather than being apathetic and being part of the problem.

Thanks to all of you who voted!

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