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Do You Know – The hospital with a serious heart problem?


Last night, CNN televised a report about local hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center Pediatric Heart Surgery Program.

We congratulate CNN for bringing a national interest to a serious problem endangering little children. Our firm has been working diligently on behalf of some of the children that were injured and killed by that problem.

We often handle cases like these in which we have to wonder: who witnessed what was going on at St. Mary’s at the time? Where are the people who may shed additional light on the horrific incidents our clients experienced including the deaths and injuries to their children?

CNN reported that St. Mary’s Medical Center executives had been trying to prevent disclosure of a death rate for children undergoing pediatric open heart surgery three times higher than the national average.

While being told her child may be paralyzed for the rest of her life after undergoing heart surgery, our client was being comforted by family members. A stranger who overheard their conversation told our client:

“Do you know a child with a heart problem here?” asked the stranger.

“Yes. My daughter,” our client answered, and explained what had happened to her daughter.

“You need to get her out of here,” the stranger warned.

On behalf of our clients, we are compelled to ask the questions:

Have you witnessed any negative occurrences involving the pediatric open heart surgery program at St. Mary’s ?

Are you a person who may have valuable information that may assist our clients in seeking justice for their children?

Will you come forward, even under confidential circumstances, and tell us what you know?

Do you know the kind hearted stranger?

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