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Car Safety Features That Can Actually Put You At Risk in Tallahassee

Car Accidents

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There is no doubt that cars are safer than they were 100 years ago and probably even 10 years ago. However, not every car’s “safety” feature achieves the desired results. Sometimes, so-called safety features can increase the risk of an accident. 

Other times, these features cause one type of injury while supposedly preventing other injuries. Our Tallahassee auto accident lawyer takes a look at some of the car safety features that could actually put you at risk.

Safety Systems Designed to Assist Drivers Often Shock Them Instead

Vehicle manufacturers have incorporated an incredible array of advanced safety systems designed to assist drivers. These can include:

  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Blindspot detection
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Collision warning
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Road sign recognition

In theory, these tools will help drivers avoid crashes. However, sometimes they do just the opposite. 

When a correction system suddenly engages and catches a driver off guard, there can be a tendency for the driver to perceive they have suddenly lost control of the car. Often, they end up overcorrecting or taking other extreme action that leads to an accident. For instance, if a lane-keeping feature steers a car back when a driver is trying to change lanes, the driver might jerk the wheel violently in response. Activation of safety features can trigger unsafe behavior as a reflexive action. When a reaction leads to a collision, it is a good idea to talk to an auto accident lawyer in Tallahassee to learn who may be held responsible.

A Tallahassee Auto Accident Lawyer Knows Some Drivers Rely Too Heavily on Driver Assist Features

While some safety features cause problems for drivers who are not expecting them, other drivers expect a little too much for driver-assistive features in their cars. Automatic emergency brakes and lane correction assistance do not amount to auto-pilot. 

A Tallahassee auto accident lawyer has seen situations where drivers expect the safety features in their car to keep watch for vehicles and pedestrians and apply the brakes when they are not paying attention. While the driver-assistive features can help in some situations, they do not absolve drivers of their responsibility to pay attention and drive with appropriate regard for conditions. 

Safety Features That Cause Injuries in Car Crashes

Many standard safety features in cars may not directly cause accidents, but they often cause injuries to drivers and passengers who might otherwise be unharmed in a minor accident. Airbags are some of the most dangerous safety devices in a car because they deploy with such speed and force. Airbags can cause brain injuries, whiplash, fractures, eye injuries, sprains, cuts and even burns. In some cases, these injuries result from situations where an airbag is deployed properly, while in other situations, an airbag malfunction causes severe injuries. 

Seatbelts, car seats, and other safety features have also been known to cause harm. Whether an injury results from a defective product or other cause, it is worth discussing the situation with a knowledgeable Tallahassee auto accident lawyer who could investigate potential liability. 

If a Safety Feature Could Have Been at Fault, Talk to a Tallahassee Auto Accident Lawyer

The injuries in car crashes often result from several causes in combination. Often, the negligence of an individual or company contributes to the harm suffered by car accident victims. When that is the case, victims may be entitled to compensation to make up for their pain, suffering, and other losses. To learn which parties could be held responsible for harm caused by safety devices or other factors in a car collision, contact a dedicated Tallahassee auto accident lawyer.

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