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Bicycle Accidents in Pensacola

Injured Cyclists Should Turn to a Pensacola Bicycle Accident Lawyer at Searcy Denney

Whether you are commuting to work in downtown Pensacola or hitting the myriad of off-road trails across the state, biking is an increasingly popular way to get around in Florida  More bicycles, unfortunately, means more bicycle accidents. These crashes are particularly harmful to bike riders because they have limited physical protection and often little time to react to oncoming cars. The collisions can result in serious injuries and even death, in some cases. At Searcy Denney, we help people injured in bicycle accidents seek compensation from those responsible for a crash. We are seasoned  bicycle accident attorneys with a long track record of successful results for the people that we represent.

Florida Bicycle Accident Statistics

No two accidents are the same, but according to the Florida Department of Transportation, here are some rules and statistics exploring Florida bicycle accidents:

  • Car drivers passing bicycles traveling in the same direction are required to allow at least three feet between the right side of the vehicle and the bicycle.
  • Speeding leads to 30% of bicycle crashes
  • 40% of bicycle fatalities are due to traumatic brain injuries. Thus, bikers are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet when riding. 

Florida laws are designed to protect both bicyclists and drivers by ensuring that they share the road safely. Both are generally expected to act in a reasonably safe manner and are likely to be liable for any accidents caused by their failure to do so. Your Pensacola bicycle accident lawyer will know what laws apply to your case and how a violation could potentially increase your damages. 

Accidents Involving Bike Riders

Many bicycle accident cases are brought by bike riders who are injured in collisions with cars, alleging that the driver was to blame for the crash. There are several other additional scenarios, however, including those in which the cyclist or a third party is liable for the collision.

  • Single-bike crashes: Inattention and mistakes can lead to single-bike accidents in which a bike rider loses control, hits a guardrail or collides with a tree.
  • Bicycle defects, maintenance: Shoddy design and manufacturing flaws can cause disaster out on the open road. Like cars, bikes should be regularly inspected and maintained, including by checking tires and brakes.
  • Poor road conditions: Potholes, debris and hazards posed by construction crews are just some of the dangerous conditions that can lead to an accident. That is not to mention poorly designed roads and sidewalks that prove incapable of properly handling all types of traffic.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Drivers are not the only ones to blame in bicycle accidents. Pedestrians are expected to share space with bike riders safely.

Speak with a Pensacola Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle crash in Florida, an experienced Pensacola bicycle accident attorney at our personal injury firm can help you seek the maximum available compensation from those responsible. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation. 


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