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About Industrial Accidents


Industrial accidents can range from relatively minor to extremely damaging in terms of human suffering and property damage. Most modern companies are aware of the potential devastation caused by industrial accidents, and they take precautionary measures to prevent them.

If you have been injured in an industrial accident in Florida, contact a Florida injury attorney at Searcy Denney to handle your claim.

Historic Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can be quite dangerous. The severity of the damages can be illustrated by some of the worst industrial accidents in U.S. history, including these:

  • Gillespie Shell Explosions. On October 4, 1918, in Sayreville, New Jersey, T.A. Gillespie Shell Loading Plant was operating as usual when molten TNT was being poured into 153m shells. The TNT heat ignited one of the shells, resulting in a fire that spread to nearby freight cars loaded with hundreds of other shells. The fire caused the shells to explode, leading to more fires and explosions, which lasted over two days. These explosions leveled 300 buildings, including nearby homes. The damages were estimated at $18 million, and a hundred people were killed.
  • Texas City Refinery Explosion. On March 23, 2005, at a Texas City refinery, a malfunction with several level indicators caused a knockout drum to overfill, resulting in hydrocarbons concentrated at ground level to be dispersed throughout the area. An explosion caused by flammable gas entering the engine of a nearby diesel truck resulted in 15 deaths and 100 injuries.

Common Causes of Industrial Accidents in Florida and Elsewhere

Any number of things can ultimately lead to an industrial accident, quite often through a series of unfortunate circumstances. Most often, industrial accidents are caused by, among other things:

  • Taking shortcuts. Working fast is encouraged by most companies. Unfortunately, when workers take shortcuts on the job, they put themselves and fellow employees at risk of an accident.
  • Poor Space Management. Poorly kept or haphazardly organized work areas lead to hazards and threats everywhere. Not only does proper space management lead to increased safety, but it also sets a good standard for all employees to follow.
  • Neglecting Safety Procedures. Agencies like OSHA have specific safety guidelines that employers must follow by law. Failing to comply with these OSHA standards will result in serious penalties and can also result in serious injury or death.

A Florida Injury Attorney Can Help if You’ve Been Injured in an Industrial Accident

Industrial accidents are somewhat rare and becoming less prevalent as awareness increases, and OSHA diligently enforces safety standards.

However, industrial accidents do occur, and the damage ranges from minor injuries to major trauma. If you have been injured in an industrial accident, contact a Florida injury attorney at Searcy Denney. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay a penny until you recover your damages. Contact us online today for help.

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