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Florida Product Liability Lawyers for Injuries from Magnetic Toys

From magnetic blocks and puzzles to playsets with magnetized figurines, magnets are common components of a wide variety of children’s toys. Unfortunately, while magnets can be both fun and educational, they can also present health risks for young children. The biggest risk from magnets comes from the potential for ingestion. When a child swallows a small magnet (or several), this can cause choking and a number of other potentially-dangerous health hazards, and children who have swallowed magnets will often need immediate medical attention in order to reduce the risk of long-term, if not fatal, consequences.

Product Liability and Magnetic Toys

Products on store shelves and for sale online must be safe for their intended use. This includes all types of children’s toys. If a toy with magnets is designed such that the magnets can be swallowed, or if a product’s packaging fails to warn parents that small magnets are contained within, these are both considered “product defects” for which families can seek just compensation.

While the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) imposes national safety standards for toys sold in the United States, it cannot force manufacturers to comply. It also cannot test every product before it hits store or warehouse shelves. Some toy manufacturers conduct independent safety testing, but many do not. As a result, accidents involving dangerous magnetic toys are far too common, and children and families who suffer due to magnet ingestion must take legal action to hold the toy companies responsible.

Experienced Attorneys for Magnetic Toy Defect Claims

Searcy Denney is a Florida personal injury law firm with particular experience in cases involving product defects. If your child swallowed a magnet, our attorneys can help your family pursue just compensation. Our attorneys and trusted experts can assess whether the toy’s design was unreasonably dangerous or its packaging lacked adequate warnings (such as choking hazard labels or age recommendations); and, if it appears that your family is entitled to a financial recovery, we will fight aggressively to win the compensation you deserve.

Toys intended for all age groups can present unwarranted health risks for young children and teens. Even magnetic desk toys marketed toward adults have led to lawsuits resulting from ingestion risks for children. Choking and related health risks are particularly high with magnets due to the fact that they can stick together inside a child’s body. Children who swallow magnets may suffer from:

  • Asphyxiation
  • Bowel perforations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Intestinal blockage
  • Sepsis and other infections
  • Other gastrointestinal injuries

In recent years, we have seen several toy recalls as a result over concerns that small magnets could present safety risks for children. Sadly, these recalls often come only after many children have already been harmed. If your child swallowed a toy magnet, regardless of whether the toy is subject to a recall, we encourage you to contact us promptly for a free consultation about your family’s legal rights.

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