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American Spirit Tobacco Company Lawsuit

Since its launch, the American Spirit cigarette brand succeeded in becoming synonymous with a safe smoking alternative. The cigarette’s image is no accident. The manufacturer, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, marketed the brand as “natural,” “organic,” “unadulterated,” and “100% additive free.”

You may have bought a package of these cigarettes with confidence that you would not be exposed to the toxins found in other cigarettes and believing that you would not suffer the ill health risks associated with cigarette smoking. The labels were misleading. The facts: you face serious risks from these cigarettes that you, as a consumer, had the right to know about.

Searcy Denney is a well-established plaintiffs’ law firm with over 40 years of experience handling mass torts, class action lawsuits and multi-district litigation involving complex consumer rights and products liability claims. Our firm has recovered substantial settlements and jury verdicts in tobacco litigation cases.

About the American Spirit Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, the maker of American Spirit cigarettes, based upon the company’s deceptive labeling practices on its American Spirit brand.

The FDA requires companies marketing a “modified risk tobacco product” to file an application, backed by scientific proof. American Spirit failed to follow these basic FDA regulations. The FDA’s warning letter cited the misleading labels on the American Spirit packaging.

Alerted to the company’s fraudulent marketing, Florida consumers filed a federal class action lawsuit against Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and its parent corporation Reynolds American Inc. The class is comprised of nationwide consumers who bought a package of American Spirit cigarettes based on the deceptive labeling. Searcy Denney is proud to represent the class in this case.

About Natural Cigarettes

“Natural” cigarettes are not free of all toxins and are definitely not free of dangers. The company adds high levels of ammonia to increase the freebase effect. The result is vaporized nicotine that promotes quicker absorption, enhances its effects on your body and increases its addictiveness.

Even the purest tobacco would still not be safe to smoke. Such naturally occurring byproducts as tar and carbon monoxide are carcinogenic. Nicotine is toxic at high levels and is highly addictive at even low levels. Therefore, you were put at risk when you smoked what you thought was a safer cigarette.

About Our Team

Searcy Denney is a preeminent class action litigation firm that represents clients in complex tobacco-related claims. Our litigators are known nationwide for reaching large settlements, including a $1 billion record-setting settlement in a medical device defect case. In addition to six to nine figure awards, our firm has a reputation for the authentic respect and compassion we have for our clients.

Learn How Searcy Denney Can Help You

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company and Reynolds American Inc. have a team of lawyers working hard to defend their organizations from liability. You deserve the same level of aggressive, experienced representation.

Searcy Denney has the resources and the extensive knowledge to take on the tobacco giants. Our lawyers regularly serve on the multi-district litigation committees that organize and administer complex tort cases. We feel passionately about protecting the rights of consumers against fraud and harmful products.

If you purchased a package of American Spirit cigarettes, we urge you to take action. Contact Searcy Denney to learn more about your rights and options for filing a claim.

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