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Cement Mixers

Although accidents involving cement mixers frequently result in serious injuries, the commercial enterprises who own and operate these trucks work with high-powered legal teams and insurance companies focused on profits. Together, they fight to avoid paying claims for victims whenever possible.

A skilled Tallahassee truck accident lawyer from Searcy Denney can help even the odds if you have been injured by a cement mixer. Our experienced team knows how to establish liability and protect the rights and interests of victims to gain the full damage awards they deserve.

The Unique Design of Cement Mixers Makes Them Vulnerable to Accidents

There is no other vehicle quite like a cement mixer. This truck has a rotating drum balanced high at the back, turning cement and water to form concrete. The driver must concentrate not only on traffic and road conditions but also on the conditions in the concrete drum. The materials can be costly, so the focus may be more on the concrete than on the vehicle itself.

Because the weight of the concrete is carried so high in the back and the material is constantly shifting, cement mixers are prone to instability. In addition, if the drum mechanism has not been maintained properly, it can operate with a jerking motion, further adding to the vehicle’s instability. These factors put cement mixers at increased risk of rollover accidents, crushing anything in their way.

Spills and Debris

Unlike trucks with a bed or enclosed trailer, cement mixers have additional equipment attached on the outside. This includes chute extensions, shovels, curing compound, trowels, rakes, and power screeds. If these items are not secured properly, they can come loose and fall off, causing hazards to other vehicles on the road.

In addition, a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer knows that defects in the truck or problems caused by lack of proper maintenance can cause concrete to spill out unexpectedly, sending other vehicles careening out of the way to avoid the concrete.

Drivers and Owners May Be Liable for Injuries Caused by Cement Mixer Accidents

Some accidents are clearly the fault of the driver, such as when drivers fail to stop because they’re paying attention to cell phones rather than traffic. Others are due to negligence on the part of the company that owned the truck, such as failing to schedule routine vehicle inspections and maintenance. Many accidents are caused by a combination of factors. Even if all the fault belongs to the driver, the company can still be held liable for the driver’s actions because the driver was acting on behalf of the company.

At Searcy Denney, we know how to demonstrate liability so that truck owners and insurers pay for the harm caused by their negligent actions.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Find Out What Your Case is Worth

Injuries from cement mixer accidents can be catastrophic and lead to death. Although no amount of compensation can restore health or bring back loved ones, when a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer from Searcy Denney recovers damages for your losses, you gain a sense of justice and the resources you need for your future. We invite you to call us at 888-549-7011 or contact us online for a free case evaluation and consultation.

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