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Pharmacy Errors

Tallahassee Pharmacy Error Attorneys for Prescription Mix-Ups and Other Mistakes

Each year, an estimated 1.5 million people suffer harm due to a medication error. Many of these errors occur in pharmacies, where pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work with an extraordinary volume of prescription drugs and are under pressure to fill patients’ prescriptions quickly. If you or a loved one has suffered to a medication-related mistake, our Tallahassee pharmacy error attorneys can help you recover just compensation.

Like all other forms of medical negligence, pharmacy errors should not happen. While there are a lot of excuses for pharmacy errors (i.e. the pharmacy technician was new or the pharmacy was busy), there are no justifications. In Florida, pharmacies have a legal obligation to make sure they are giving patients the right medications in the right dosages; and, when they fall short of this obligation, they need to be held accountable.

What are Examples of Common Pharmacy Errors?

Our firm represents individuals and families in malpractice claims against pharmacies in Florida and throughout southern Georgia. Unfortunately, mistakes are common in urban, suburban and rural pharmacies, so no matter where you live there is a chance that your (or your loved one’s) medications could have been dispensed in error. Some of the most common types of pharmacy errors include:

  • Dispensing the Wrong Medication – One of the simplest forms of pharmacy errors involves dispensing the wrong medication. In some cases, pharmacists simply put the wrong pills in the wrong bottle. But, while this is a simple mistake, it can have devastating consequences.
  • Dispensing the Wrong Dosage – Dispensing the wrong dosage of prescription medication can be just as dangerous. This is true for both underdosing (which may result in the patient’s condition not being treated) and overdosing (which can lead to various harmful effects).
  • Mixing Up Patients’ Medications – Mixing up patients’ medications is another common form of pharmacy malpractice. While pharmacies should have protocols and procedures in place to prevent this from happening, it continues to happen with alarming frequency.
  • Overlooking PotentiallyDangerous Drug Interactions – Some medications can be taken together, and some cannot. If your pharmacist failed to identify a potentially-dangerous drug interaction, the pharmacy could be liable for your medical expenses and other losses.
  • Failing to Check the Patient’s Medical History – The same is true if your pharmacist failed to check your medical history. Allergies and certain medical conditions can make it dangerous (and potentially life-threatening) to take certain medications, and your pharmacist has a duty to make sure he or she is not putting your health at risk.

Regardless of what happened, if you received the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of a medication, or if you have had an unexpected adverse reaction to one of your prescriptions, you should speak with an attorney. To schedule a free initial consultation in Valdosta, contact our firm by phone or online now.

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