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Tips if You’ve Been Hit by a Delivery Truck

Truck Accidents

Delivery van delivers in a city

Being hit by a delivery truck is no ordinary accident. For starters, delivery trucks are bigger and heavier than cars, so a collision is more likely to lead to serious injuries. Second, a delivery truck is a commercial vehicle, so there could be many different companies involved in the truck’s operation, and therefore many potentially liable parties. It can be hard to know what to do after a crash involving a delivery truck. 

Getting advice from an experienced Tallahassee truck accident lawyer is a great place to start. A personal injury lawyer who understands how to handle truck collision cases could help investigate to determine who could be held responsible and prevent you from saying or doing something that could jeopardize your right to recover compensation for the harm you’ve suffered. 

First, You Need to Know What Not to Do After a Delivery Truck Accident

Sometimes, to protect themselves after an accident, an accident victim needs to work to overcome polite instincts. We naturally want to avoid making other people feel bad after an unpleasant incident, so there can be a tendency for many people in Tallahassee to downplay any negative effects or even apologize when they’re not at fault. However, those polite responses can be used by others to deny liability or refuse rightful compensation for the accident. 

Do not assume your injuries are minor unless a doctor has performed a thorough exam. Do not utter the words “I’m sorry” even if they are said to comfort someone who is upset. Moreover, try to avoid answering questions from investigators or insurance companies until you have had a chance to talk to a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer to learn how to protect your rights. Insurers may come across as friendly, but their goal is to find a reason to deny liability, so it is best not to give them an opportunity. 

Take Care of Medical Needs

As soon as possible after being hit by a delivery truck, it is a good idea to undergo a head-to-toe examination by a doctor. You could be suffering from brain injuries, damage to internal organs, or other medical problems that are not immediately apparent. 

It is also a good idea to document your injuries and pain by taking pictures and making notes. Even more importantly, you should follow the doctor’s treatment instructions and return for follow-up visits. Records from the doctor will provide some of the best evidence to show the extent of your injuries.

Our Tallahassee Truck Accident Lawyer Will Need Evidence of Liability

While you need to take care of your medical requirements, you also need to collect evidence that could point to the causation of the accident, and that evidence is most readily available right after the collision. You may need to get assistance taking photos of the accident scene, collecting contact information for witnesses, and seeking footage from cameras that may have recorded the incident. An experienced Tallahassee truck accident lawyer might work with a traffic expert or other expert witness who can use evidence to show why certain parties should bear responsibility for the collision. The fault could lay with a maintenance provider, the company who loaded the truck, the outfit responsible for training the driver, or a combination of sources. 

Work with a Dedicated Tallahassee Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accident cases are far more complex than those involving other types of vehicles, so it is a good idea to work with a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer with experience handling situations with injuries caused by a delivery truck. The dedicated team at Searcy Denney is ready to fight for fair compensation for the effects of your accident. To talk to us about what may be possible in your case, contact us for a free consultation.

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