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Tire Defects

Florida Product Liability Attorneys for Accidents Involving Defective Tires

Like most other components of our vehicles, we take it for granted that our tires will do their part to keep us safe on the road. We buy our cars, trucks and SUVs with tires installed, and we replace our tires according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. We do not expect our tires to fail, and we do not expect to be put at risk because our vehicles’ tires have not been designed or manufactured appropriately.

Yet, tire defects are alarmingly common. Tire blowouts, tread separations and other failures all routinely cause accidents throughout Florida. In most cases, vehicle owners have no reason to suspect that their tires are dangerous. As a result, tire defects can create unexpected hazards that lead to life-changing accidents and injuries, and those who are injured deserve compensation.

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Common Tire Defects

We represent drivers, passengers and families in accident cases involving defective tires. Our attorneys have significant experience handling vehicle defect claims; and, if a defective tire is to blame for your losses, we will fight to hold the responsible company (or companies) accountable. We assist accident victims and their loved ones in cases involving tire defects including:

  • Bead failures
  • Blowouts and ruptures
  • Defective sidewalls (also referred to as “zipper” failures)
  • Ply separation
  • Steel belt separation
  • Treat separation (also referred to as “detreading”)
  • Improper tire design

In order to prove that a defective tire caused your accident, we will need to have the tire inspected by a qualified engineer. Whether the tire was on your vehicle or someone else’s, it is important that you contact us right away so that we can have the tire inspected before it gets removed.

Other Tire-Related Accident Risks

In some cases, a tire blowout or other failure may result from an issue that does not necessarily qualify as a “defect,” but which still supports a claim for financial compensation. Other common tire-related causes of accidents include:

  • Damage to the tire during mounting
  • Improper repair of tire punctures
  • Mounting of tires that are not suited to the vehicle
  • Mounting of used tires instead of new
  • Retread failures

With decades of experience in auto accident representation, we are intimately familiar with the various issues that can lead to dangerous crashes. Whether one of your tires failed or you were injured in a crash caused by a truck retread failure, we can identify the cause in order to help you recover just compensation. We will investigate your case promptly; and, if it appears that a defective tire or other tire-related issue is to blame, we will take aggressive action against the manufacturer, dealer, maintenance shop or other responsible party.

Searcy Denney | Florida Auto Accident and Product Liability Attorneys

To find out if you have a claim for a tire defect, schedule a free case evaluation with an attorney at Searcy Denney. You can reach us at (800) 780-8607, or contact us online and a member of our firm will be in touch as soon as possible.

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