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Florida Toy Defect Lawyers for Accidents Involving Strangulation

Each year in the United States, an alarming number of toys and other products marketed toward children are recalled due to concerns over possible strangulation. From pull toys to playground equipment, all types of children’s products can present risks for strangulation, either directly (as a result of including a dangerous string or cord) or indirectly (by creating “snagging” hazards that can catch on toys and clothing). Sadly, strangulation is among the leading causes of accidental death among children, and too often these accidents are the result of big companies failing to consider the risks their products entail.

Experienced Representation for Florida Parents in Product Liability Claims

At Searcy Denney, we represent families whose children have been harmed in strangulation accidents and who have lost children due to strangulation. In these tragic cases, it is critical that parents hold the responsible parties accountable. We understand the complicated and emotional aspects of these types of cases, and our attorneys have significant experience establishing liability for dangerous and defective children’s products. If your child has suffered or your family is grieving a tragic loss, we urge you to contact us so that we can seek justice on your behalf.

Strangulation Risks with Children’s Products

Many types of products present risks for child strangulation. When a string, rope or cord gets entangled around a child’s neck, the loss of circulation can quickly disrupt oxygen flow to the brain, and the child can asphyxiate if not helped immediately.

Sadly, many strangulation accidents are simply a result of the child’s curiosity. The child may be exploring ways to interact with a new toy, or he or she may be stimulated by a new environment. Designers and manufacturers of toys, playground equipment, children’s clothing and other children’s products must recognize the potential dangers these activities entail, and they must avoid developing products that put children in danger.

Some of the types of children’s products that can present strangulation risks include:

  • Clothing items and bags with drawstrings
  • Cribs with posts that can catch an infant’s or toddler’s clothes
  • Electronic toys with power cords
  • Playground equipment with rope swings and nets
  • Toys with long strings (such as pull toys or bead-lacing sets)

For children who survive strangulation accidents, the long-term consequences can be severe. In a young child’s developmental stages, the disruption of the brain’s oxygen supply can result in developmental delays and potentially long-term cognitive impairments. The emotional trauma of experiencing strangulation can have lasting effects as well, and parents must ensure that they have the financial resources necessary to meet their children’s medical, developmental and educational needs.

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