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Home Safety Checklist

Area Issue Completed/Action Taken
Bath & Shower Prevent slipping by installing non-skid pads in showers and baths.  
Bath & Shower Install grab bars in showers and baths especially in households where elderly people live.  
Bath & Shower Keep toilet lid in down position in households with infants and small children to prevent accidental drowning.  
Bath & Shower Install toilet lid latches.  
Bath & Shower Use nightlights.Keep a flashlight by your bedside.  
Medicine Cabinets and Supply Cabinets Install child proof cabinet closers and locks to prevent accidental ingestion.  
Medicine Cabinets and Supply Cabinets Educate children concerning the dangers of drugs and cleaning supplies.  
Bedroom Can you turn on the light without walking into a dark room?  
Bedroom Is the phone within easy reach of the bed while you are reclined in it?  
Bedroom Do you have a deadbolt on your bedroom door that locks from the inside only?  
Kitchen Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) breakers for any outlet exposed to water to avoid electrical short circuit.  
Kitchen Install a working fire extinguisher rated for all types (ABC) of fires.  
Kitchen Tape small rugs to the floor or do not use them. It is easy to trip and fall over them.  
Kitchen Store poisons and cleaners well away from food stuffs.  
Kitchen Keep a sturdy stepping stool in kitchen to permit easy and safe access to cabinets above countertops.  
Kitchen Appliances Use only grounded appliances with (3) prong cords.  
Kitchen Appliances Turn all appliances to “off” when not in use.  
Kitchen Stove and Oven Always keep off when not in use.  
Kitchen Stove & Oven Educate children concerning burn dangers of stove/oven and pans on the stove.  
Kitchen Stove & Oven Keep pan handles pointed away from the open kitchen area to avoid children grabbing onto hot pans.  
Halls, Stairs and Entrances Are there light switches located at the top and at the bottom of stairs to avoid navigating stairs in the dark?  
Halls, Stairs and Entrances Do all stairways have securely fixed handrails on both sides that extend beyond the entire top stair and the entire bottom stair?  
Halls, Stairs and Entrances Are all carpets, runners and tack strips securely fastened down to avoid a trip hazard?  
Halls, Stairs and Entrances Are all exterior and basement stairs and walkways free of cracks in the concrete and are all free of dips and holes?  
Water Temperature Set water heater lower than 120 degrees to avoid scalding injuries.  
Electrical Outlets Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) breakers for any outlet exposed to water to avoid electrical short circuit.  
Hair Dryers & Curling Irons Install hooks away from water sources to hang appliances.  
Curtains Are all curtains off the floor and at least 12 inches from any heating duct or baseboard heater?  
Carbon Monoxide Install carbon monoxide monitors near garages, fireplaces, heaters and other potential sources of carbon monoxide.  
Clutter Remove all unnecessary clutter from walkways and stairs.  
Fireplaces Protect fireplace hearths with screens to prevent sparks and burning logs from contacting flammables.  

Install GFCI breakers on all outlets near water sources.Hide electrical cords to prevent damage from traffic.Hide electrical cords to prevent tripping hazards. Discard old, frayed or repaired electrical cords and replace with new.

Place electrical appliances against walls.

Guns Educate children concerning gun safety. Store guns in a gun safe or other locked area, away from children’s access.Keep guns unloaded and ammunition stored in a separate location.  

Know the breed(s) of your dog and understand their temperament. Never assume your dog will not bite anyone. Always maintain your pets within your property by using a fence or other method. Never permit pets not familiar with children to be around children.

If in doubt, use a comfortable muzzle on your dog when in public. Never leave the muzzle on an unsupervised dog or for extended periods of time.

General Install cord keepers at all blinds to keep drapery and blind cords out of the reach of children.  
General Make an evacuation kit for everyone in your home in case you have to leave quickly. These should include one gallon of water per person, per day and food that does not have to be refrigerated. You’ll also need a flashlight with extra batteries, a battery-operated radio, a small first-aid kit and pet supplies. Include each person’s passport, drivers license, and other personal identification.  
General If you live alone, do you make contact on a daily basis with a friend, relative or neighbor?  
Smoke Alarms Are there working and reliable smoke alarms located in each room?If the alarms are battery-operated, make a note on your calendar each year to replace the batteries even if the alarms appear to be working.  

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