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TBI Prevention

Auto Safety

With more than 45 years focused exclusively on personal injury recovery, the lawyers of Searcy Denney witness the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury on our clients and their families. You can take precautions to prevent accidents at your home, on the road and in your workplace. If another individual or a corporation’s negligence caused your TBI, our Florida brain injury attorneys pursue the compensation to which you are entitled.

Auto Safety

Traffic accidents account for approximately 15 percent of traumatic brain injuries. Advances in automobile safety technology, such as seat belts and airbags, reduce chances of head injuries. However, defects in seat belts, airbags and child restrain seats may render these safety features ineffective.

Other auto defects that may contribute to head injuries includes:

  • Defective helmet that does not observe shock on impact
  • Collapsing seatback that can plow into back seat passenger
  • Faulty tires that can blowout and cause rollover crash
  • Brake failure that results in high-speed car collision

You can take action to protect yourself from injuries by always buckling up and by wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle. But, even the most cautious drivers may still fall victim to reckless drivers and auto manufacturing negligence.

Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of TBI, accounting for two-fifths of new cases. Premises and property defects contribute to many of these serious falls every year. Preventable dangerous property conditions include:

  • Broken railing
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Unsteady paths and ramps
  • Uneven and potholed pavement
  • Obstacles in store aisles
  • Ineffective safeguards in hospitals

Falls from a ladder is one of the most common types of at-home injuries. A products manufacture may be held liable for a defective ladder that is prone to toppling or that has rugs that give-way.

Security and Gun Safety

More than 10 percent of TBI results from violence each year. These injuries are 100 percent preventable, but for the criminality of the perpetrator, often coupled with negligence of property owners and gun manufacturers.

Property owners can take clear measures to protect you from assault, including:

  • Cutting back hedges and overgrown vegetation
  • Installing bright lights in parking lots and doorways
  • Retaining security guards when appropriate
  • Deterring criminal activity on the property

You can also protect your children from accidental gunshot by storing your firearm unloaded in a locked safe.

Protecting Children

Brain damage can severely impair your child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and cause irreversible harm to his or her future.

Children are particularly vulnerable to head injuries, such as in these situations:

  • Swimming pool accidents
    • Diving into shallow water
    • Suction entrapment and drowning
    • Poor supervision at public pool
    • Failure to install pool fence as required by law
  • Playground equipment accident
    • Collapse of equipment onto the child
    • Nonabsorbent underlying surface, such as cement
    • Too high, unprotected platforms and climbing walls
    • Strangulation risks, such as netting and bars

Protect Your Legal Rights After a TBI

In most cases, traumatic brain injury is preventable. For a free assessment as to who is liable and what your legal rights are, schedule a consultation with Searcy Denney. Our contingency fee policy means you owe us no fees or costs until we recover damages.

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