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Hospital Medication Mistakes

Recovery from Florida Hospitals and Pharmacies

Hospitals are hectic places, with multiple professionals engaged in the care of dozens of patients . Medications are prescribed, filled and administered in a fast-pace environment that is prone to mix-ups and missteps. One small prescription error can have devastating consequences.

Searcy Denney has 40 years of experience serving injured patients throughout Florida. We handle complex matters involving hospital prescription mistakes, including wrong administration of dangerous mediations, contraindicated drugs and overdoes. Our legal team holds the hospital, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other negligent parties accountable for the injuries you sustain because of a prescription error.

Injured Person in Hospital Bed

Common Hospital Medication Errors

In the hospital setting, a prescription passes from hand to hand before the medication finally reaches the patient. The prescription travels from a doctor to a nurse to a computer to a pharmacist and then the medication is passed from the pharmacy to a nurse to the patient.

Numerous opportunities for error arise during the process, including:

  • The doctor prescribes a medication that has adverse affects on the patient’s health.
  • The doctor illegibly scribbles the prescription, resulting in misinterpretation by nurses or pharmacists.
  • The nurse or doctor inputs the prescription into the hospitals data system incorrectly.
  • The computer system is not properly calibrated to alert staff of dangerous drug interactions or contraindications for a patient’s medical condition.
  • The pharmacist inaccurately fills the prescription with a medication that has a similar appearance or a similar sounding name.
  • The nurse confuses patients and mixes up their medications.
  • The nurse administers medication too soon or too far apart, common after a change in shift.
  • The hospital fails to implement an effective process to detect prescription errors.

Mistakes Continue Despite Technology

Many hospitals have adopted computerized physician order entry (CPOE) technology to prevent some of the most common medical errors, such as illegible handwriting and scattered patient records. Whereas, computers can minimize mistakes, the machines are only as foolproof as the data entered, which remains subject to human mistakes, including:

  • Providing insufficient training in using the computer system
  • Entering a decimal, zero or number incorrectly — entering .10 mg instead of 1.0 mg
  • Ignoring alarm signals and warning popup windows meant to notify the nurse or doctor about problems with the prescription
  • Duplicating input of prescription information because of staff overlaps
  • Failing to have a viable backup should the computer crash during an emergency

Every Florida prescription error lawyer at our firm has the advanced technological knowledge and access to well-respected experts to build a strong case when a hospital’s use of its CPOE contributed to your injuries.

Learn More About Hospital Medication Mistakes

Searcy Denney advocates for your right to compensation if a hospital has administered a wrong pharmaceutical or dose that caused you injuries. To schedule your free case assessment, contact our experienced lawyers at (800) 780-8607. Our contingency fee arrangement means you do not pay us if we do not recover for you.

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