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Birth Injuries


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Birth Injuries

In our more than 40 years of legal practice, Searcy Denney considers birth injuries one of the most devastating forms of medical malpractice. We are dedicated to helping families recover in the heartbreaking aftermath of a birth injury. By devoting our substantial knowledge and resources to birth injury negligence claims, we have recovered high settlements and verdicts that empower injured mothers and the families of injured children.

Speak with a Florida birth defects attorney at our firm; we are available to help you recover for your injuries and on behalf of your injured child.

Types of Birth Negligence Cases We Handle

Searcy Denney handles a wide range of birth injury claims involving damages to mother and baby during pregnancy and delivery, including:

  • Shoulder dystocia, when the baby’s arm gets trapped in the birth canal during labor
  • Erb’s palsy, resulting from brachial plexus injury
  • Cerebral palsy, resulting from oxygen asphyxia
  • Brachial plexus injury, which can manifest in paralysis, numbness, pain and disfigurement of the newborn’s affected arm
  • Lack of oxygen, also called oxygen asphyxia, that can lead to serious brain damage
  • Nerve damage and paralysis to the baby or the mother as a result of delivery negligence
  • Wrongful birth, associated with the birth of a severely disabled child because of a doctor’s misinformation and negligence

Understanding Your Medical Malpractice Rights

The injury of a child at birth raises many questions. Could the injury have been prevented? Who is responsible? How will you pay for your child’s future care? What do you do now?

Searcy Denney answers your questions and explains your options for recovery. As a start, we provide these informative references:

Damages in Birth Injury Claims

Hopelessness, confusion, anger and fear are common reactions to birth injuries. After anticipating a lifetime of happy memories, you may reasonably feel trepidation about the future. Our legal team help you pursue the compensation you need to minimize the burden on your family and to provide your child with the best opportunity for effective medical treatments and a normal quality of life.

Depending upon your baby’s injury and prognosis, we may pursue such damages as:

  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Surgeries, medications and other treatments
  • Prenatal medical care
  • Rehabilitation to improve functionality and independence
  • Future medical treatments and care
  • Childcare assistance
  • Training for parents to care for a child with a disability
  • Alterations to home and vehicle to accommodate your child’s disability
  • Loss of parents’ wages while helping an injured child
  • Your child’s pain and suffering
  • Your mental anguish

For a woman injured during pregnancy or delivery, we may pursue damages for medical treatments, lost income, assistance with activities of daily living, childcare assistance, pain, infertility, disability, sexual dysfunction and diminished enjoyment of life.

Learn More About Birth Injuries and Your Right to Recovery

For more information about birth injuries and your options for filing a medical malpractice claim, consult with Searcy Denney. Your case evaluation is free and we handle your claim on contingency so you do not pay lawyers’ fees unless we recover damages.

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