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Preventing Medical Mistakes

Florida Malpractice Attorneys Advise Patients on Injury Prevention

Searcy Denney has advocated for patients’ rights for the past 40 years in Florida. Throughout that time our attorneys have represented patients for the same medication mistakes that occur time and time again. These case are made all the more tragic because of how easily preventable they are.

We have identified simple steps patients and their families can take to minimize the risks of pharmacy errors. Read our recommendations to protect your and your family’s health. If you have been injured because of a medication mistake, our Florida pharmacy error lawyers are available to help you recover damages.

Doctor Reviewing Medical Chart

While at Your Doctor’s Office

You probably have not had the same doctor all your life, so he or she may not know your complete medical history. In addition, you may see several doctors in multiple unrelated practices. Your thorough, candid, clear communication is integral to filling in these gaps.

Keep complete, organized records to provide to your doctors and remember to update every time you schedule an appointment with them. Do not wait for your doctor to ask for the information; be proactive about protecting your health from a prescription error.

Important information you should provide to your doctor includes:

  • Names and doses of medications you take or have recently taken
  • Names and doses of any herbs, supplements or other natural remedies you take
  • Other health conditions, even if they seem unrelated to the ailment the doctor is treating you for
  • Known allergies and past adverse reactions to medications and foods

Immediately contact your doctor if you experience adverse side effects from your medications so your doctor can make necessary adjustments.

While at the Pharmacy

Although most pharmacies are large conglomerates or mail-in facilities,they should provide access to a professionals with whom you can ask important questions and address concerns. If the company does not make your pharmacist available to you, consider switching pharmacies. This is a red flag you will not get the level of safe service you deserve.

Always look over the prescription before taking anything. Is the name and dosage on the label what your doctor prescribed? Does the pill look like the one you were prescribed? Do you have concerns about warnings, contraindications and allergies on the medication insert?

Obtain a good, accurate photograph of the medication prescribed to you. Compare each new prescription you have filled to the photograph. If the medication looks different, ask the pharmacist to verify the medication is correct.

While in the Hospital

While in the hospital, your loved one may not be in a position to look out for him or herself. Your active presence can help to avert a tragic medication error. You can fill in the gaps in your loved one’s medical history. Alert doctors and nurses to your loved one’s allergies, medical conditions or other circumstances that could affect a prescription decision. Ask questions and voice your concerns. Examine the medication being given to your loved one to be sure the pills, shots and IV bags are the drugs prescribed.

Learn More About Protecting Yourself from Pharmacy Errors

Searcy Denney offers tips to protect yourself from pharmacy errors. If you were injured, schedule a free consultation with a Florida pharmacy error lawyer by calling (800) 780-8607. We take your claim on a contingency fee basis.


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