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Lawyers, Websites and Finding the Right Attorney


Our firm’s website has thousands of pages of content within it.

Why? Because we believe that before you decide to hire a law firm and an attorney, you should be able to determine whether we are skilled in a particular area of the law. Is there content on our website that reasonably communicates our skill at representing injured people in a given case? By reviewing our website, articles and video presentations, you should be in a position to ask us questions that will assist you in deciding whether we are the law firm for your case.

Take Trucking accidents for example. These are cases in which very specialized knowledge about how truck accidents happen, how to investigate trucking crashes and the law related to big truck accidents is important to the proper handling of these cases. We provide you with valuable information about these accidents, including:

Facts about truck accidents.

Discussions of recent truck accident causes.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration studies about large truck crashes.

Discussions of the more common causes of truck accidents.

How large truck accidents can be avoided.

You should also determine whether the attorney you select to handle a truck accident case has handled them in the past to successful conclusion for their clients.

Does the lawyer you want to handle have the life experiences to understand the pain and life-long suffering you are experiencing?

Ask hard questions:

  • What is the fee?
  • Will you have to pay costs as you go along or will the attorney carry those costs for you?
  • Can the lawyer provide references from clients?
  • References from fellow lawyers?
  • What is the attorney’s experience in these types of cases?
  • Does the firm have the financial strength to stand against powerful defendants?

The hiring of a lawyer or a law firm is an important and life altering event. Take your time and do not be rushed, by anyone, into making your ultimate decision.

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"The attorneys and staff at Searcy Denney are some of the most compassionate and caring individuals I have met in the legal field. They work tirelessly on behalf of their clients to ensure the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is seeking excellent legal representation."
Posted By: Lauren Schumacher