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Growing Older — Safety Resources & Information


Children and the elderly are most often hurt in avoidable accidents in and around the home.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that about 1.4 million Americans age 65 years and older are treated in emergency rooms at hospitals as the result of in home injuries.

Fall Risk Assessment

To help protect seniors and be a source of valuable information is the impetus behind writer, Jessica Walter, teaming up with a website called Shield My Senior to disseminate valuable information about how to age with grace and dignity. Vincent Valvo is the Chief Old Guy at the site and he sets forth why he is involved:

“I made a pact on my 60th birthday. I told myself that I would age with grace, dignity, and respect… but only if I could have as much fun as possible! is my way of sharing the knowledge I’ve gained while helping people take the guess work out of getting older. We’re here to help you AGE AWESOMELY!”

The site is filled with educational material and safety information; all directed toward the senior life style.

Shield MY Senior provides buying guides and product reviews with our senior population in mind. Also, providing valuable reviews of a variety of subjects, including:

These and many other very valuable topics are discussed on the website. It is helpful for seniors to have a site that examines safety and health issues from their perspective; providing targeted discussion and solutions.

Searcy Denney has seniors in mind when we developed our checklists such as: Home Safety Checklist, Hospitalization Checklist and Prescription/Medications Checklist. We hope that these resources and sites like Shield My Senior help our senior community.

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