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Business Litigation

Florida Business Litigation Attorney

The globalization of our economy has had a tremendous impact upon corporations, often at the expense of entrepreneurs. In the last year alone, news reports have been filled with scandals exposing securities fraud and unfair financial management practices that have affected both big and small businesses. The litigation of commercial disputes has become a high stakes endeavor. Clearly, these kinds of disputes, which involve complex legal issues and large amounts of money, warrant representation by an experienced Florida business litigation attorney that you can trust.

Searcy Denney has more than 45 years’ experience, plus the resources to put you in the best position to fight commercial litigation disputes. Our team of business litigation attorneys is not afraid to challenge the most powerful corporate interests and, if your dispute is not resolved, to take on the most aggressive opposing attorneys in a court.

We Stand Up for Your Rights in a Business Dispute

15825895We sometimes hear the business world described as “dog eat dog” because it is becoming increasingly competitive. If someone has breached a contract or agreement with you or used deceitful conduct or questionable representation in a securities or investment relationship, navigating the legal system and fighting for your rights can be a daunting experience.

Fortunately, a Florida business litigation attorney at Searcy Denney can lead you through the maze of business torts and serve as your advocates against even the most aggressive adversaries. Our experience ranges from land ownership disputes to corporate officer financial entitlements at termination to wholesale breaches of contract and employer discrimination.

Here are some areas of business litigation where the Searcy Denney team can help:

  • Commercial disputes, whether in the buying or selling of products and services, real estate transactions, unfair trade practices, leveraged takeovers, or the purchase or sale of a business.
  • Internal business relationships such as professional employment contracts; employment discrimination based on ethnicity, disability, gender, or sexual orientation; or partnership agreements.
  • Financial disputes involving loan transactions, investments, issuance and underwriting of securities, or other securities matters.

Our Business Litigation Attorneys Have Won Precedent-Setting Cases in Our 40 Years of Practice

In the firm’s more than 40-year history, our Florida business litigation lawyers  have demonstrated their skill in several precedent-setting cases.

  • For example, in 2005 the firm served as co-counsel in a landmark case in which a major investment bank was ruled liable for its role in a fraudulent sale of a giant corporation.
  • In another 2005 case, Searcy Denney clients’ rights were affirmed when a jury ruled that their patent on a medical device was violated by a multinational manufacturer.
  • In yet another important case, the Searcy Denney team litigated against a large citrus grower on behalf of employees whose rights had been violated on the basis of race discrimination.

Contact a Florida Business Litigation Attorney Today

If someone has violated your rights in a business relationship, a skilled Florida business litigation attorney at Searcy Denney can talk through your problem, assess your potential claim, and help you protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. Please fill out our Contact Form, or call us at 1-800-780-8607 to learn more and arrange for a confidential free consultation.

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"Cannot say enough about Mr. Ward and his team. Joanna and Mr. Ward helped me through a very difficult time while being extremely professional and prompt. I would highly recommend."
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