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We wish you the very happiest of holidays…


I have to wonder if we might ever be judged by our willingness or reticence to give to others when we are able?

I have to wonder if some of the people on the streets are sent to test our hearts.

If you see someone down on their luck and if you have it to give, think about sharing what you have and assume that person is without. It’s good for the heart.  

There is a man and his dog who sit near I95 as I go home at night.

He is a nice man. The man’s dog is sweet and loving.

He is a veteran. He has post-traumatic stress disorder that caused the loss of his wife, his kids and his house.

obdachloser Mann mit seinem Hund

He lives on the streets now.

The dog found him one Christmas.

He says he was camped out in the middle of nowhere, sleeping under a piece of plastic and eating a couple of cans of something he no longer remembers when a near dead, starved puppy came out of the bushes. He gave the puppy half of what he had to eat and curled up with him. They have been together since and are inseparable.

He named the dog Sariel, after the angel of guidance.

The man now follows the dog every day, wherever the dog goes. He says the dog has saved his mind and his soul.

Recently, Sariel has been leading the man to the I95 median, where he sits providing Sariel water in the heat. The man does not panhandle to motorists as many homeless must.

The man says that Sariel provides for them both and he splits everything down the middle. Sometimes people stop and give them dog food or dog bones. Sometimes its money. Whatever it is, they share….the man says dog bones are actually pretty good.

I stopped to talk to this man because he never panhandles, I love dogs and I was curious.

The man is quiet and private. The dog is well fed and sweet. The man is less well fed.

I gave the man money. I did not know what else to do for him.

He thanked me and the dog licked my hand.

Happy holidays to you and yours.


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