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Settling Your Personal Injury Case in Fort Walton Beach Vs. Going to Trial

Personal Injury

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Let Our Fort Walton Beach Injury Law Firm Help

Most personal injury cases in Fort Walton Beach settle before going to trial. But people often wonder if that is because it is a good deal for the client, or are there other factors at work?

Over time, clients at our Fort Walton Beach injury law firm have seen again and again the benefits of settling before going to trial. Here, we review the pros and cons to show why settling is often better.

A Settlement Brings Certainty to a Florida Personal Injury Case

Possibly the main reason our clients find it better to settle their case than to go to trial is the certainty of a win. When you accept the compensation offered to settle your case, you have the proverbial bird in the hand.

You do not have to worry about whether a detail of your situation could cause you to lose your case because you have already succeeded. Not only do you know that you will recover, but you also know how much you will receive.

Additional Reasons Why Clients of Our Fort Walton Beach Injury Law Firm Might Want to Settle Before Trial

Some people are willing to take a little more risk if they see a chance of greater reward. However, attorneys at a Fort Walton Beach injury law firm often see situations where the amount recovered after a trial is the same or less than was offered through a settlement. Moreover, there are numerous other benefits to settling an injury case before trial. These include:

  • A quick conclusion to the legal case – When a case goes to trial, the process can drag on for years
  • Privacy – In a trial, personal matters can become very public
  • Payment comes sooner – When your case settles before trial, you could receive compensation in a few weeks or less
  • Savings in attorneys’ fees and court costs – A less complex case can mean fewer legal expenses
  • Less stress – Even with the perfect case, the trial process can be loaded with anxiety

Along with certainty comes a sense of control. When you accept a settlement, the power rests with you, rather than attorneys or a judge.

What If Our Fort Walton Beach Injury Law Firm Takes Your Case to Trial?

While settlements frequently provide a better option for clients of a Fort Walton Beach Injury law firm, there are occasions where it makes more sense to take a case to trial. If the person responsible for the injuries offers an inadequate settlement, then you may need to get a judge to force the issue. 

A trial can also bring a case to public attention if you are trying to address serious wrongdoing. Fortunately, injury attorneys prepare for a case in the same way when it settles as when it proceeds to trial, so work done to try to settle will be put to use to win in court.

Work with an Experienced Fort Walton Beach Injury Law Firm to Achieve the Most From Your Case Whether it Settles or Goes to Trial

While accepting a settlement may ultimately prove to be the best tactic in your best interest, it is impossible to know from the outset of your case. You would be wise to work with a Fort Walton Beach injury law firm that has a proven track record in court as well as attorneys skilled at the art of settlement negotiations. At Searcy Denney, our legal team can help you make the most of the aspects of your case through settlement or at trial. For a free consultation to learn more, contact us now online or by phone at 888-549-7011.

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