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When Road Defects Cause Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Broken up road

When Defects Cause Car Accidents, Talk to a Fort Walton Beach Road Defect Car Accident Lawyer

Most times, after a car accident, people blame one of the drivers. This is not surprising since most accidents in Fort Walton Beach are the result of driver error.

But once in a while, outside factors cause one or more vehicles to veer out of control, causing an accident. Dangerous conditions on the road cause collisions more times than you might think. If defects on the road caused you to suffer injuries in an accident, you should know that dedicated Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers could help locate those responsible and fight for fair compensation.

Bad Road Design Can Cause Car Accidents 

Sometimes, drivers in Fort Walton Beach are almost doomed from the start. The design of a road may be so full of flaws that it is amazing accidents do not occur more often.

For example, an improperly designed road may not drain right, allowing potholes and other damage to occur. A bad road design may also fail to provide adequate visibility for drivers or make it difficult for vehicles to remain in their lane.

How Road Defects Can Lead to Car Accidents

While those injured because of bad roads may be entitled to seek compensation, they first need to prove the causes of the accident. Fort Walton Beach road defect lawyers could help investigate to determine if an accident was triggered by factors such as:

  • Lack of proper road maintenance
  • Mismanagement of construction zones
  • Inadequate guard rails
  • Cracks, potholes, or other damage to the road surface
  • Faded markings or damaged road signs

The reason for the defect points to the person or entity who could be held responsible for a car accident. In many cases, the state or county is responsible for establishing and maintaining safe roadways. However, some conditions may be caused by other parties, such as utility companies doing work near the road or a trucking company that spills debris.

What Happens When Other Causes Contribute to an Accident Involving Defective Roads?

We live and drive in a complex world, so very often, car accidents are caused by two or more factors. If your own conduct played a role in the accident, you might be worried that it would prevent you from seeking compensation.

However, under the state’s comparative fault statute, your own negligence might reduce the amount of damages you might receive, but it will not automatically prevent you from obtaining compensation. That means that if, for instance, your accident was caused by a combination of road damage and driving too fast for conditions, a judge might consider how much of a fault was due to your driving and reduce your award by a corresponding amount. But so long as road defects were at least partially to blame for the accident, car accident attorneys in Fort Walton Beach could still help you seek recovery from whoever is responsible.

Get Help From Knowledgeable Fort Walton Beach Road Defect Car Accident Lawyers

Whether road defects or other issues caused your car accident, it is always a good idea to talk to Fort Walton Beach road defect lawyers before making statements or answering questions from insurance companies. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine how we could help you receive fair compensation for your accident injuries.

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