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Weather-Related Car Accidents – Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Liability When the Weather is a Factor

Car Accidents

Accident in the weather

People move to Fort Walton Beach for the beautiful weather. While the rest of the country is shivering through the cold of winter, residents of Fort Walton beach may be riding bikes, playing golf, or strolling on the sand. Most of the time.

But there are a few days when Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers know that the weather is not so pleasant, and then it can be downright dangerous. So, if you are in a car accident during bad weather, does that mean the collision is an “act of God” and no one can be held responsible? Not necessarily.

Weather Plays a Role in Significant Number of Car Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, bad weather contributes to the cause of well over a million car accidents every year. A crash is considered weather-related if it involves circumstances such as:

  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Heavy crosswinds
  • Blowing sand or other debris
  • Pavement made slick by water or ice

While people fear driving on icy or snowy roads, the Department reports that the overwhelming majority of weather-related accidents involve rain and wet pavement rather than frozen conditions. With the heavy rainfall we see in Fort Walton Beach, car accident attorneys know that makes our region particularly vulnerable to weather problems.

Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyers Understand How Weather Conditions Can Lead to Accidents

Adverse weather conditions can contribute to car accidents in many different ways. For example, rain reduces visibility, which makes it harder for drivers to see traffic and obstructions. At the same time, wet pavement reduces road friction, which increases stopping distances and makes it more likely a vehicle will skid off the road.

Car accident lawyers in Fort Walton Beach advise drivers to be aware of the potentially detrimental effects of weather conditions when they drive. Taking action to compensate can reduce the risk of accidents and injury. Reducing speed while driving in the rain, for instance, may prevent an accident by allowing more time to stop. However, even the most careful drivers may be vulnerable.

Drivers Can Still Be Held Responsible for Weather-Related Car Accidents

Bad weather may contribute to the cause of a car accident, but Fort Walton Beach accident lawyers often find evidence to show that a driver may be held responsible too. Regardless of weather conditions, drivers must obey the rules of the road and exercise reasonable caution. 

In fact, bad weather can increase drivers’ obligations because they are expected to operate vehicles safely under the current conditions. Failure to live up to obligations can make a driver liable for injuries that result.

Consult Our Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyers if You Were Injured in a Weather-Related Accident

Car accidents usually have many causes. Even if the weather seems like the most apparent cause, other elements often play a crucial role.

If another person’s lack of responsibility caused you to suffer injuries in a car accident, Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyers could hold them accountable even if an accident is weather-related. For a free consultation to learn how we may be able to help, contact us now.


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