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We are simply very proud of her…


During the course of our lives we have all been faced with situations in which you can take a couple of paths. Neither path is the wrong one, but one of them will let you bring light into the life of another. Sometimes the choice can cost you, but often the rewards are worth the cost.

That was what one of our very own did. Debbie Knapp has been a long time employee of our firm and she has always been an example to each of us. Debbie works hard; she cares about our clients; and she has a good heart; she is simply a good person. If I die tomorrow, I would be thrilled if people could say the same about me.

Debbie donated her childhood home to Habitat for Humanity. This is a home that Debbie grew up in and a home to her father. Although her father is presently bedridden, he was a war hero in WW II, after being shot down by enemy forces and surviving days in the sea. Debbie’s father received a medal for bravery and, now, he has demonstrated love of others by giving his and Debbie’s home to others in need of a good home.

Debbie’s childhood home will now provide memories to the three sons of single mom, Jomekeyia McNeil.

Ms. McNeil put it better than I could:

“We’re part of his history, having his legacy go on. His home is not torn down or abandoned. There’s a family here that really needed it and I thank God my family was chosen for his home,” she said.”

We are thankful to have many employees, like Debbie Knapp, who give back to those in need.

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" Cannot say enough about Mr. Ward and his team. Joanna and Mr. Ward helped me through a very difficult time while being extremely professional and prompt. I would highly recommend. "