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Victims Without a Voice — Wyeth’s Premarin


Wyeth’s marketing “revolution” called Premarin has been proved responsible for the deaths and injury to women across the country.

In documents released in court litigation, Wyeth demonstrates absolute giddiness over their “revolution” to sell, sell, sell Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to all women everywhere.

What Wyeth and other HRT manufacturers have done in an overly aggressive pursuit of profits over safety can only be termed as reprehensible.

What I was not aware of were the victims who lacked a voice.

The victims who were forced to participate; who did not have the ability to choose; who still have no voice.

Premarin, a Wyeth product, is named such as a result of one ingredient: PREgnant MARe urINe.

A commercial performed by Mary Tyler Moore is, well, startling is insufficient; shocking, upsetting, outrageous, sad; a pathetic commentary on where humanity finds itself.

It is one of those videos you view and wonder where our humanity has fled. Watching the video illustrated to me that no boundaries apparently existed in HRT manufacturers’ “revolution” for profits.

It is a visual most of us do not want to see, but a visual that needs to be seen.

I warn you. The video is both disturbing and graphic.

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Posted By: Lauren Schumacher