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Vehicle Crashes and Product Defect

» Written by // October 27, 2009 //

A Single vehicle automobile accident is not always what it appears to be on the surface. Typically, when an automobile crash happens involving a single car, even the police attribute it to driver error, environmental causes, or similar combination of contributing factors.

Not always as simple as it seems on the surface. In-depth investigation of single vehicle, including tractor trailer, accidents can often disclose more interesting information.

The actual cause of single vehicle crashes (auto, truck, ATV, etc) may be the result of product defects or product failure. If any of the following factors are involved in a single vehicle crash, they may warrant additional investigation by competent attorneys skilled in this area of law:

  • Roof crush.
  • Low speed rollover
  • Faulty seat belts.
  • Ejection through the back or side windows.
  • Fifteen passenger vans.
  • Tire blow outs or similar tire failure
  • Reclining seat backs.
  • Front seat occupants wearing seatbelts, but found in the rear seats after the crash.
  • Defective door latch.
  • Evidence of sudden or unexplained acceleration.
  • Sudden loss of steering.
  • Difficulty controlling the vehicle at high speeds.

It is essential that the evidence be carefully preserved. The vehicle involved must be protected from spoliation and an in-depth evaluation for the suspected defects should be made timely. Time can be an enemy in these cases.

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