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Unsuspecting Young Women and the Yaz Secret


Is it possible that four studies have demonstrated that certain birth control medications, like Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella, are dangerous and the manufacturer, Bayer, knew nothing about the dangers?

It is reasonable to conclude that if the manufacturer did not actually know, through reasonable and prudent drug evaluation; those dangerous risks would have been discovered. Presumably, once the risks were known, they would have been included in information provided to the FDA for drug approval. In addition, those risks would have been set forth on the patient warnings instructions.

But, revealing those risks to the Food & Drug Administration could have resulted in the drug not being permitted onto the market. Even if permitted on the market, the manufacturer would have had to disclose the dangers and would have likely taken a beating on sales and profits. It is unlikely the FDA would have permitted Bayer to market the drug as, not only a birth control pill, but also as an acne medication and a drug to alleviate some forms of PMS.

Although we would have been denied those jazzy commercials with balloons and successful, beautiful women; young women would have been better warned and protected from dangers including blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

Young women like Michelle Cummins might have safely returned home from college in North Carolina; rather than suffering a pulmonary clot, collapsing while walking to classes and tragically dying at the tender age of eighteen.

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